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State of Sydney roads

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tubbsy, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. Has anyone else noticed that the recent rain has farked the condition of the roads even more than they were??

    Specific Highway for example, it's like those pathetic efforst at tar sealing have simply washed away. There's dirty great holes in the road where the sad effort at tar sealing used to be.

    I notice it as I have to dodge a lot more riding into the CBD now.

    You'd think that perhaps the city council or whoever deals with it, would be sufficiently embarrassed at the state of them to do something.
  2. Its fun on the DR. Just saying.
  3. Clover's nazis are too busy ripping up roads so her lycra-wearing acolytes can ride their bikes to work; she doesn't care about the roads, if they get bad enough people will stop driving cars

    seriously, I heard a Sydney traffic report the other day that said that 2 lanes were closed on the Harbour Bridge because of a large pothole.... :shock:
  4. Not just Sydney mate, it's the whole fucking state.
  5. Not a state thing, a national one !
  6. It was, I cross the bridge every day. The state of the bridge is fking disgusting considering the toll we get stung for using it.

    Even if you don't consider the toll, it's fkin disgusting, it's like third world roads all the way up Pacific highway.
  7. Funny thing is though that you can tell when you move from NSW to Vic just by the condition of the road.
  8. Give them a break, local councils can't look after trifling detail like potholes while they are busy concerning themselves with climate change, situation in Palestine and other global issues :)
  9. I dont know, the roads are shit but i personally would rather have shit roads then huge traffic delays caused by repairing the roads during the day. Everyone in sydney is too much of a nimby douche to actually allow the council to do any road work at night. (im talking about local roads here not major arterial roads, where the residents would just be told to shove it)

    In canberra they clearly have way too much spare cash because the government rips up major roads just about every other day (even though they fine already) and causes retarded delays and such.
  10. Same out here. Glide over the holes standing on the pegs, listening to the crunch of plastic bodywork behind you. Or quick steer through a 100M stretch of potholes, tar - lumps and bluestone boulders that have been spat out of the holes :D