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State of Origin - THE BET

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Black Magic, May 22, 2007.

  1. Queensland

  2. NSW

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  3. Too busy riding to care

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  1. Given the bet that has taken place in the Happy Thread, I have decided to give the State of Origin a thread of it's own. I have a bet with one of my fellow NR's-

    *The loser will wear a sign on their butt for a week (whilst riding) saying- "*Opposition team* SUCKS!"
    *They will post pics up on NR to at least partially prove it (have to trust our integrity here)
    * They will change their NR details that appear with their posts to "*Opposition team* SUCKS!" for a week as well.

    Now I know a lot of you are in Victoria and may not follow it, but I was wanting to see how many supporters for the teams we have, and if you do anything special for the games.
    I was at the very first game of the first series in 1982.
    Origin has been a party-worthy event in my house ever since.
    I am celebrating by having a couple of friends with southern heritage over for dinner, the game, and 'some' alcoholic beverages. :grin:

    I also have a t shirt that reads- "Everyone loves a Queensland Girl" and a Queensland jersey which is mandatory 'week before Origin' attire.

  2. hey Wendy, shouldn't that read NSW rules?????
  3. I'll be there with my state of origin t shirt and red hair. Woohoooo.
  4. jeez I hope NSW wins, ! Yep go the cockroaches! :grin:
  5. What he said.
  6. Go hot cheerleaders!!! Wooh!!!
  7. Well,

    I've got the red hairspray in and the maroon shirt and tie.

    Lets see if Im sent home from work for harrassing the mexicans :p
  8. You sweating Jeff????
    You should be! :p
    Got maroon streamers on my bike......
    and not a sign-writer in sight! :LOL:

  9. Carn the BRONCOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Half the maroons side is the Broncos :grin:
  10. Yes, a scary thought considering how well the Broncos are doing this year! :shock:
  11. it will be a QLD victory.
    but NSW will take the series.
  12. Who cares, Essendon, or any team that plays Collingwood.
  13. I must avoid taking the same bet on the next two games then! :shock:
  14. yes !

    the rookie half-back formula won't work.

    for games 2 and 3, Jared Mullen will be replaced.
    (Orford, Kimmorley, Gower)

    . . . thats my tip !
  15. who are you people kidding????????

    NSW will kick a@#ss tonight and I am reversing my previous opinions and our halves will control the whole show.

    Wendy, the bet is for EACH game, c'mon don't start getting nervous now :LOL: :LOL:

    I will be on line at about 6.45 tomorrow and fully expect your grovelling to the kings to commence :LOL: :LOL:

  16. Jeff, there will be no backing out for the next two games.
    We may have to reconsider though and up the ante, hey?

    I am in full QLD attire, and both my bike and cage are decked out in maroon streamers. I also have a t shirt that reads-
    "It's official....NSW sucks"
    That is my wardrobe for tomorrow when you are wearing your butt sign! :LOL: :cool:
  17. Blues Blues Blues oh and did i happen to mention the BLUE'S :p

  18. Prove me wrong Jeff !

    what is the current bet anyway ?
    Toecutter tells me if its a NSW win, BlackMagic revisits her g-string pic but instead wears a Blues jersey. And if QLD wins, Jeff puts on his man-string and wears a Maroons jersey . . . . . is that right or is Toecutter pulling my leg ??????

  19. Someone is pulling your leg....
    although if we do win I may be so happy that anything is possible...stay tuned..... :shock:
  20. GIGGITTY !!!