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state licences interstate

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by voyager, Sep 22, 2006.

  1. What are the cross-over rules for the various bike licences and conditions between the various states?

    For instance, NSW L platers are limited in speed to 80kph I believe, likewise in VIC you don't need to display a P plate on your bike if you don't have P's on your car, etc, etc. What happens when you cross the border?

    With so many NRs making interstate trips, a collection of these cross-over conditions so no-one gets caught out would be handy.
  2. It's all going to depend on whether it's a road rule - in which case it applies to all road users in that state, even interstate ones. Or a licence condition - in which case it applies to that driver/rider no matter what state they're in. For example the Victorian 260cc limit is a licence condition - so a Victorian L-plater can not ride a LAMs bike even if they're in NSW, but a NSW rider can ride one in Victoria.....at 80kph.
    Edit: I think most of the restrictions on learners would be licence conditions - the only differences in road rules would be things like whether it's legal to park on the footpath, if you have to pay tolls and things like that.
  3. License conditions stay with your license. NSW must follow their restrictions everywhere in the country, likewise for VIC etc.
    NSW restrictions dont apply to visitors, they follow their own restriction.

    Eg. NSW learner goes to VIC, they are supposed to not go over 80kph. However what are the chances of a VIC cop enforcing that? Probably zero unless your above the posted limit.

    VIC learner can do posted limit in NSW, might get pulled over but should get off (I would do same as NSW learners though to avoid issue) (not legal advice ;) dont blame me if wrong)

    VIC learner can ride RS250 in any state, NSW learner is not allowed, but can ride GS500.
  4. I was always under the impression that you are governed by whatever state you are in. For example, if you are in NSW, than you go under NSW state law.

    Thats how it works for pretty much all other laws, unless it is a Commonwealth law.
  5. For laws and road rules yes.

    But License restrictions are, well, restrictions on "your" license.
    They apply to you not everyone in general.

    But like I said in regards to NSW L/P's speed restrictions, I would follow them regardless in NSW if I had a plate on to avoid trouble (and Im not 100% sure)

    But riding NSW LAMs bikes interstate (NSW License) is definatly ok.
  6. That sounds about right cos my missus is from Canberra, where learners adn P-platers can do the speed limit and in NSW she was allowed to to 110kph.
  7. I looked through my Victorian Riders Handbook and could not find any reference to being limited to 80 kph while learning (on Ls). Is this restriction in the Road to Solo Driving book that would also apply to Learners?

    I would feel very vulnerable if I was only allowed to go 80 on the freeways.
  8. Do you have some links to where I can read more about this? I'm trying to put together a series of articles but I'm having problems trying to find the right info.