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VIC State Highway Patrol hit Hume

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by joetdm, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. Usual stuff but worth putting a notice out to all here....


  2. quote

    With tougher new hoon laws coming into effect in July, anyone caught driving in an anti-social manner will lose their vehicle immediately for a minimum 30 days.

    define anti-social you bureaucrat bastards - anti social to who ? - If a bike overtakes me on a 100kmph freeway in the right lane doing 150 I don't consider it anti social at all - you just love to leave this stuff undefined so that you can change it to suit your needs dependent on its application

    Just like with the use of the word "terrorist" is such a broad brush - if a person shows dissatisfaction or dissent against the bureaucrats they will label you a terrorist

    Soon the anti - bikie association laws will define people who are part of these groups as "terrorists"

    bureaucrats - continually feathering their own nests by making life difficult for the rest of us -- same as what was done in communist east europe - actually we are now over governed more than the people ever were in eastern europe
  3. What the **** is anti-social driving? This indicates that there is such a thing as social driving; what the **** is social driving!?

    Is that when you drive around with a coffee and chat out the windows to the people around you? The people who come up with these things don't even think about what they're saying. Not that I'm pointing out anything that hasn't been said before...



    Just realised tak already pointed this out, oh well...
  4. Unmarked green Commodore wagon at Sunbury this morning: and how far are we from the Hume :-s

    But I am so fed up with 'speeding' as the major factor: all of 30%? What about including poor road maintenance and conditions on the accident reports, that would claim 40-50% IMO ](*,)
  5. More police harassment.

    Anyone still believe this mob is entitled to a pay rise?
  6. driver error accounts for every crash.
  7. If speeding is "attributed" to 30% then what is causing the 70% portion of crashes?

    And they still continue to trot out the line about every so many kays above increases the risk by x percent...

    I s'pose that if they say it long enough and loud enough it'll be true. But in the meantime people are still crashing, dying, being maimed when clearly their efforts are not working as expected.

    And yeah, if they want a payrise, then they can earn it.
  8. I like a lot of people are so sick of there bullshit do this dont do that we know everything.If we say it it must be true,From me to you get stuffed and get a life and let others get on with theres.
  9. If we could access this thread airborne, I would be very obliged to drop a little surprise from above...perhaps turn their green highway patrol vehicles to a vivid brown ? :D

    What a joke (!)...the kind nobody gets the 'punchline' though... !
  10. Fixed for you, you arseholes.......... now i dare you to use that in your next media bullshit!