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State by State licence laws

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by rbarge, Nov 29, 2005.

  1. Just curious to know how bike licensing works in other states?

    Just done a Q-ride here is QLD, and as long as you can stop a bike in 25meters doing 40k's (could stop it that quickly with your feet!) you can get an open license and jump on a 1000cc super sports bike.

    This seems a crazy system to me ! How does it work in other states ?

  2. NSW:

    Learners - 2 day course at a training centre to get your l's. Basically pushing a CB around a basketball court. Little bit of roadcraft as well. min 3 months minimum, expires in 12 months. LAM's approved bikes (almost all 250's, s4itbox 650's...) No pillion

    Provisional - 1 day course at a training course, 1/2 a day on a street ride, 1/2 a day on the basketball course again. Figure 8's, turning circle, stopping on a line etc. Still LAM's approved bikes. No pillion. 12 months.
  3. Victoria is pretty similar to NSW, except you are restricted to 250cc [any type] on L's and P's.
  4. Actually robsalvv a couple of 250's aren't allowed due to power to weight ratios (2 strokes).
  5. That's in NSW, in Victoria the only restriction is less than 260cc - even turbocharged engines are fine (power to weight is irrelevant).
  6. You may well be correct... but VicRoads in Bendigo told us "the RGV250 and the RS250" aren't allowed only 2 weeks ago.
  7. A question from a newbie, what exactly does Roadcraft mean ?


  8. WA.

    A Written and Practical test for an 'R-E' licence allowing you to ride any 250 including strokers.

    Must hold an 'R-E' licence for one year before taking practical test for 'R' (unrestricted licence).

    Can teach a learner if you have held an 'R' licence for four or more years.
  9. Maybe the rules have changed? All I know is that the Vicroads website still state that the only restriction is 260cc capacity, and there's been no announcements on their site to state otherwise.
  10. Sounds better then QLD, don't think you can handle a huge machine after 13 hours (most in the car park), but I guess it also depends on the person.

    Then again I guess you can jump in a V8 after you pass a driving test, if you can get insurance :). At least on a bike you will only kill yourself!
  11. Not with the new regs they're introducing for drivers in Vic (power/weight limits) and NSW (ban on all turbos, V-8s and some 6-cylinders).

  12. Roadcraft is the art and skill of riding a bike in traffic and on the roads which maximises the rider's safety - and enjoyment too.

    It's linked primarily to rider attitude and then to skill.

    It's active riding and doesn't rely on passive safety features like ABS, airbags and crumple zones on cars.

    There's plenty of threads on it in here... some of them mine, since its a pet hobby horse of mine.
  13. Regs already exist in VIC for power-to-weight restrictions on cars for P-platers. 125kW/tonne and 3.5L/tonne, last time I checked. They've been around for a few years now... unless they're planning on changing them again.

    I think you can still own a WRX with those restrictions though - so perhaps they need to be reviewed. :p (169kW / 1415kg * 1000 = 120kW)

    And yes, unless they've recently changed rules in VIC, the only restriction is capacity for motorcycles. Seen plenty of L-platers riding RGV250s and RS250s (one overtook me the other day, then demonstrated his lacklustre cornering skills).
  14. Yes you're right the regs in Victoria have existed for a while, they've just never really been enforced.
  15. Indeed, jd. Something you would think the State Gov would want our Police to crack down on, given the fairly high representation of 18-24s in road trauma stats.

    But then it's easier and a better financial decision to just put in a few more cameras. :p
  16. True, problem is Police can't rely say for certain just what the power output (or weight) of some modified grey imports are. NSW system of banning turbos and V8s also has problems, a Daihatsu Copen for example is illegal because it has a turbo yet a Lotus Elise 111R is fine.
  17. Dont think theres too much danger with the elise...

    Who in there right mind would want to drive one on the road?

    Prolly the worst sports car ive ever driven... Torque anyone?? The turbo copen prolly has more :LOL: :LOL:

    Sorry its prolly a goid point, i just hate those cars