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Starts first go or never

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Tomcatalex, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. my bike starts first go, everytime, the problem is that if for some reason it doesnt kick over first go, there is no chance of getting the thing to start prior to a perfect battery going flat.

    when i turn the keys to ignition the fcuking headlight comes on which shits me, i can feel it eating away at the battery with every crank.

    anyway, my point is that when i kill switch to on and hear the electric pump go wiz i press the start and 1st go it starts, now if the bike is really cold and been standing for a while it may stall after a couple of seconds of running, now after this happens, the starter cranks but the bike will not kick over., the strange thing is i dont hear the feul pump wiz sound like it does first go.
    now the only way to start it again is to wait at least an hour and try again hopping i can start first go and warm it up
  2. Tom,

    this sounds like the same problem you were having before.

    After it fails the first time the plugs are wet. You need to turn the choke off, press the starter button and gradually wind open the throttle.

    this is the only way to clear he fuel.

    It's normal for the fuel pump not to pressurise the second time as there is already pressure in the line.

    a new battery ("sealed") may help it crank harder.
  3. thanx mate

    i thought the plugs might be wet,
    ive tried the open throttle while winding it up, but its a biatch to start, is it normal for them to get wet after 1 attempt, should i set the needle jets on the carb to a lower (leaner) setting

    think my bat is also weak, it holds a charge of 12.8 volts, but after a few cranks 6 or 7 with the dammed headlight on it goes flat, so i give up and wait, after the hour the battery is fine again and the plugs dry enough to start

    when i first start the bike it doesnt like any throttle at all, likes to start with throttle off and choke off, when it starts i turn on choke if cold or just rev it to warm up
  4. Time for a carby tune ,it sound like the air fuel mix is out ,maybe a change of plugs as well ..I would go get it serviced ..How many km's has it done ..Also a dirty air filter wouldnt help as this chokes the engine as well..
  5. In the time being (and yes it sounds like it's flooding), I would then turn the choke off, crank it for a few seconds with no throttle, if it doesnt fire, stop. Wait 10 seconds to save cooking your starter, open the throttle to the stop in one motion and hold it there while cranking again for a few seconds. Back off completely as it fires. Something to try at least, and that would be my technique.

    Also what's with the fuel pump and pressurised lines? They're not gravity fed carbs?
  6. \

    Now we have some interesting info. If the bike can start without choke it means your idle circuit is too rich. Note: this is not the needle jet that sit in the slides, but the screw in jets that sit under the carbies.

    Turn them in 1/2 a turn and see how you go.

    If you get to less than 1 turn out, then you need a smaller idle jet. also note the carbs should be balanced and idle set right before playing with these.

    with regards to your battery, you should be able to crank for a couple of minutes. especially considering how small your cylinders are. if it can't do a couple of minutes it's on the way out.
  7. There's definately something wrong with your battery and/or charging system. An Across should be able to crank on the starter motor for ages. It sounds like a battery problem on top of your issues with running rich - but the fact that it cranks the first time would suggest that maybe the rectifier might be OK.
  8. The Across had a fuel pump because the tank was to low for gravity feed ..Never have got used to a bike with a glove box and a fuel cap in the duck tail.. :shock:
  9. isit number 17 in the pic???

  10. It appears to be (my earlier comment was incorrect). Have you got a cross-sectional schematic in the manual?

    Note if you run out of adjustment on this number 14 needs to be changed.
  11. Dont forget you have to balance the carbs with vacum gauges and give them a good clean inside (carby clean good brand not $2 shit) if your going to do it yourself you need a set of Vacum gauges and a screw drive with a mark on one side of the top (so you can follow the 1/2 turn easy) and only make small adjustments at a time ..Change the plugs too..
    If thats a suzuki manual it wont tell you much about doing it yourself as its for competent machanics .If its a Haynes manual you should be able to follow it . A tip .take a digital photo of the carbs as many close ups as you can get its a good referance point ..Good luck
  12. Hey guys, i've been having heaps of trouble trying to start my nsr150sp in the cold.

    I'll switch the bike on and similarly i cant switch my headlights off so they come on for about 2 seconds and slowly dim themselves until they're off. its a kick start engine and as i kick it the neutral light flashes with every downstroke. I've tried everything. choke on, choke off. I have a feeling im flodding the engine too but i've tried pushing the choke back in and turning the fuel line off and opening the throttle all the way and trying to clear the engine. after a couple of kicks off that still no luck. the bike is kept outside and it gets very cold but i should still be able to get it started right?

    i took it out for a ride sunday evening and this morning i couldnt get it started so i trained it into work and when i got home more of the same story.

    any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks!