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Starting trouble

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by TB, Jul 11, 2006.

  1. Hi guys,
    Just looking for some advice on starting the 250.
    It's a Suzuki 1987 GF250 and apparently it started spluttering at the lights. Winding the throttle on only took it up to around 2000 rpm but it kept spluttering downwards.
    We've tried push starting and jump starting but nothing seems to work. It sounds like it's not getting any fuel. The engine turns over but doesn't want to fire.
    Anyone know what could be wrong with it? I'm thinking it could be the fuel pump or blocked carbies.
    What would be a quick fix for blocked carbies? It's got a near full tank of fuel as well so draining and cleaning isn't easy. I don't think there's anything I could do if it was a fuel pump so I won’t even ask.
    We lent it to a friend while his bike's getting fixed and now it's sitting in the city looking pathetic.
    Thanks for any help.

  2. You say it has a full tank of fuel.

    Simple, the only tools you need are a telephone and a box of matches.

    Take phone and call insurance company to ensure it is covered for fire.

    Then ignite the fuel tank on the motorcycle and watch burst of flames.

    Hold off on ringing the fire brigade, until its at least fallen over, then call and say you dont know what happened.

    :) all good then to get another bike.
  3. Make sure fuel tap is on.

    No spark?
    Probably flooded now.

    I would suggest yes, fuel problem. Either not getting there, or not being used once it's there.

    Your solutions include:
    1) Get friend who knows all about bikes and can fix them on the spot, to have a look at it.

    2) Take bike to nearest reliable motorcycle service centre or Suzuki dealer for them to find & fix whatever's wrong.
  4. just take the carbies out and have a squiz inside. remember were everything goes when you take it apart cause it can be tricky. check the fuel lines dont have any pinches in them also. if its sluggish maybe only one piston is firing? try a spark plug change too.

    if you take the tank off just drain the fuel into a jerry can, if you loose some/all of it it wil lonly be a few litres right? not too costly.
  5. Put about an egg cup full of metho in the tank

    Turn the fuel tap to the off position

    Using a long no 2 phillips head screw driver undo the screw at the base of the float bowl the very bottom of the carby and drain the fuel from the float bowl then lightly tighten do not do not tighten them up to much

    Most likely water in the fuel as a guess

    There is no fuel pump in those things any way

    if not push it down to elizbeth street and get a mechanic to sort it

    Good luck
  6. Thanks guys. I'm trying to arrange a trailer to pick it up by the weekend. Will try the carbie and metho suggestions.
    I made sure it wasn't flooded when we tried to start it. Have had similar problems with my old gixxer but I had the advantage of living on a hill so I could roll start it.
    I know very little about these bikes so advice from knowledgeable people is most appreciated.