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Starting to narrow down next bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by HeavyNinja, Oct 14, 2016.

  1. Whilst I can't yet ride a full open bike without L plates, I am only 6/7months from being able to upgrade. So I am really starting to try and decide on a few bikes. My list is down to

    Daytona 675r
    Ninja 1000.

    The 1000 is in there because I have to consider comfort. The 675 looks beaut, sounds incredible and is something different.
    I have sat on a gsxr and was amazed it weighed the same as the ninja 300. I love the style and it is one of those bikes that fills a gap and is rated very highly. The daytona service costs are a factor and most reviews say it is the most uncomfortable and being a larger guy, that might make it a problem. Would love to hear from those who own one. I reckon my budget will be $8k-15k

  2. That's a broad budget spectrum. I reckon with that in mind you should look at a load of bikes - new gsxs1000, MT-09 and even the glorious Tuono -yes all naked but the seating position is comfier than super sports (you mentioned that as a factor).
  3. Gsxs1000 or Z1000 mate
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  4. The supersport position doesn't bother me, just read the daytona can be uncomfortable. I am not a fan of naked, there are some beautiful ones, but I am a fairings man. I am thinking daytona out as in reality I only want to spend 10k. I was set on brand new, but am not patient enough to run it in. So I am better off buying a well maintained, low km bike. My ninja had 42k on the clock in 3yrs. I have done two oil changes in 5000km, ride regulary etc. I am not easy on it and rode 1000km at 8000rpm and it hasn't missed a beat.
  5. Go and ride some bikes mate. A 1000cc bike is so much easier and relaxing to ride than a 675cc due to the extra power and torque. Less gear changes, power across the whole rev range.
    I owned a z1000 for 12 months and looked at going back to a 600cc bike. I got about 100 meters up the road and turned around and apologized to the seller for wasting his time.
    Once u have black, u .....
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  6. Why settle for second best mate, get an MV Agusta 800.
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  7. I know the choice is a huge field, but why limit yourself to just three bikes when you're still six months away from being able to do anything about it???
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  8. When the time comes ride as many as possible. Dependent on what you're actually going to use the bike for there is a multitude of bikes out there in your price range, commuting only the 600/750 class makes sense, going to do some touring then the Ninja 1000 is a great choice with the luggage options. Main thing is to get your butt on as many as possible, ride them if you can, you'll soon work out whether the ergonomics are right for you. If you're on the larger size then a litre class could be the way to go. Don't ignore the newer 800cc class either, some quite surprising performance mixed in there.
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  9. What is your intended use for the bike? This is an important thing to consider.
    You say that the supermarket riding position doesn't bother you, but what are you basing this on? 10 seconds sitting on a bike in a showroom, or have you ridden a 200klm stint on one?

    None of the sportsbikes are comfortable. The Daytona is slightly more extreme than a gixxer, but neither are lounge chairs. But if you plan to use the bike mainly for track days or to ride around at high speed, they aren't too bad. At 50-60klm though, they can be torture.
  10. The bike is not for commuting. I live in an area full of great riding roads. Twisty forrest, ocean roads etc. I know my ninja 300 is not the same, but I rode it 1000km with my chest just touching the tank, no back pain at all. I won't be touring. The furthest I might take it is 400km to perth. At the end of the day I realize until I ride one I won't know, but I want to narrow my choices down to bikes that I am interested in.
  11. Ninja 1000 is a great all rounder and you can get a good one (2010 - 2013 models) for 10k.
  12. budget
  13. after reading a lot of your posts about hooning around (hooning is good :emoji_skull: ) I conclude that
    we know you want a litre bike; and,
    you know you want a litre bike.

    why mess around with posting up about a puny 675 or a little 750? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    Ninja thou, gsxs, z1000, 1250 bandit, speed triple, I see a 2014 busa and a '14 zx14 for sale in WA for under $15k - these are the rides I thought you would be drawn to.

    you know you want one... :emoji_smiling_imp:
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  14. I don't hoon around, I just find it hard to stick to the speed limit and wait for cars to get further ahead so I can go through my favorite local corners my way hahahaha. I noticed my rear tyre has been fully used from left to right. I am not into the bikes like the bussa or z14, just not keen on the look, plus I don't really need that much power. Middle of the road. A bike nimble enough to be thrown around, with enough power for the open road. I know I will only get it to its top speed once. I only got the ninja up once, so I don't really need something with crazy power.
  15. Kidney >blackmarket=problem solved :p
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  16. Daytona 675, GSXR750, both sound well suited to your requirements. KTM Duke 690 as a wild card entry.
  17. think I'd rather keep my kidneys...
  18. Second hand
  19. Sounds like an 800.
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  20. Where you really feel a sportsbikes ergos is slower riding, when you don't have the wind assisting you to hold your body up. Like doing 50 or 60 in slow moving traffic.

    You are right in that your Ninja is not the same. Not even close to the same ergos.

    In fact it is very close to most naked bike riding positions. Nothing like a sports bike at all in terms of ergonomics.

    If you can cruise around at 100+ a sportsbike isn't too bad for a couple of hundred klms. I did a 700klm day on a Daytona a few years back, on a run that included the Oxley HWY. It only took two days for the pain to subside, but I am in my 40s!