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Starting to go insane!!!! :-(

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ArbitraryEmu, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. So in early December I had a bit of an oopsie moment with my dream bike.........

    Nothing major, just lost the front end going through some roadworks at about 10kph. Naturally though apparently the 1299 paniagle s was not built for falling over...... just over $7k worth of damage! (thankfully I have a great insurance company)

    The dilemma I have is that in 4 days time the bike will have been off the road for 2 months.

    The insurance company also wrote off my gear, so I have shiny new helmet jacket and gloves sitting in my wardrobe begging to get out over Mt. Glorious!
    My other bike has leaking fork seals and due to an overly expensive xmas period I haven't had the $$$$ to get them replaced yet!

    I am literally going crazy with the itch to ride!

    Also wondering if I might need to put training wheels on, when I finally get her back! Ive never been off a bike this long!

    Not exactly sure why I'm posting this.... just feel the need to vent to people who understand! haha!! :confused::cry::banghead::banghead:
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  2. Perfectly Understandable...

    Hope it gets sorted out soon and you're back on your bike.
  3. that sux glad it wasn't more serious hope you are back in two wheels soon.
  4. Haha! Thanks guys!

    Its just really annoying, its not the repair shops fault, just bad timing, closed for a couple of weeks over xmas and new year, then finding other issues that need attention that they didn't realise.

    Waiting on a front brake master cylinder at the moment, there's no stock in Aus, so its on back order from the factory lol!
  5. So you only broke one of the mirrors? :)

    So long as you are OK that's all that really matters......
    bikes can be repaired, or, if need be, replaced.

    Have patience...... if you lived near my place I'd offer you a ride on the baby Cagiva.
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  6. I went with no bike for 7yrs I know the feeling of not being able to ride mate .
  7. Oh wow, what a lovely machine you've got (it's my dream bike too!)

    I'd be heartbroken if I came off one of those. Glad your insurance was there to catch your fall, so to speak.

    Often if I'm off my bike for too long (holidays, extended period of awful weather, etc) - I'll do a super gentle ride around the back streets before I have to actually ride somewhere for a reason. That way you get used to the dumb things again, like your cornering and gear changes etc.
    My SO disagrees with this, he just gets straight back on the thing. So I guess it depends on how you feel.

    Don't overthink it though. If you loved riding it before, I'm sure that feeling will come right back. Just don't let the tip-over get the best of you :)
  8. getting back on - Its just like riding a bike
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  9. Update:

    So after 2-3 weeks of waiting for the master cylinder to arrive, I get a call from the repair shop today saying that their supplier has said the part wont be available until the end of this month because there is no stock in Australia.

    After hearing this the rage inside got very real! So I put in a call to the local Ducati dealer (Same one I bought the bike from) who stated that Ducati Australia has 300+ in stock and that they have 4 on the shelf right now......

    I promptly called the repairer back and informed of this, who sort of just waffled on about how they don't use suppliers from Brisbane because of bad experiences in the past..... Blah blah blah.

    I'm of the opinion that thats fair enough however when your current supplier cant provide a part in a timely fashion for a repair job that has already blown out to over 2 months, especially then asking you wait 5 weeks for a part on back order when there are several on the shelf at a store in brisbane has several of the parts available on the shelf, you may have to bite the bullet and get the part from where it is available.

    I offered when I spoke to the repairer to buy one myself and then they give me the replacement part when it arrives (I'll probably just sell it on ebay to recover the $$).

    So my game plan is to give them until friday afternoon to contact me and tell me they've done whats right and the bike is ready or I don't see any other option than to lodge a complaint with my insurer regarding this.

    Surely the insurer wants to settle the claim and get it off their books??

    Any one else have any experience with this situation??
  10. Thats complete BS, I would be spitting chips over this. For the price of a phone call,this is hard to believe.
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  11. I can't offer any advice on the whole insurance thing, but I know how you're feeling in regards to not riding. I had my first "real" off at the start of Jan and probably won't be able to ride for another week or two.

    Combine that with not being able to drive, work, or do much really, I'm about to tear the walls down.

    But hey, look on the bright side, at least you had a badass bike to drop in the first place :p
  12. Cheers for that!

    Shame to hear about your stack! obviously you're a little worse for wear than I am! Hope you get better soon!
  13. #13 jmc, Feb 11, 2016
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2016
    Wow, so they want you to wait (and be bikeless) for a month, for a part they could get tomorrow.

    Why would you wait until Friday to talk to your insurer? I would have been on the phone to them 3 seconds after hanging up on the repairer.
  14. Sad to hear but glad you're ok. When my son slid off his hyosung cruiser a few years back, sin similar fashion to what happened to you, it took the repairer 4 months to give it back ! He now rides a Duc 899. Hope you don't have to wait that long. Good to have two bikes in the shed tho:)
  15. It all happened at close of business time So I'm going to give them an opportunity to make it right (which once they have the part, the work should be complete with about 1hr of work.)

    Plus I'm working the nightshift at work at the moment and I couldn't be bothered to get out of bed early to sit on hold with an insurance company haha!

    Ugh! 4 months! I'd be ready to kill! I do have another bike in the shed but it needs the fork seals done...... I got a bit excited over Christmas and New Year so the cash flow isn't really good at the moment! lol
  16. Hmm. My bike will be going in for an insurance repair next week. Nervous now.
    Maybe I should ask for their street triple demo for the week, given I want to sell mine and buy this.