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Starting to commute to work tomorrow, wish me luck!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Rybky, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. Well, after two weeks and 200km of getting to know the bike around the quiet back streets I feel confident enough that I know how to handle the bike without thinking so I am going to start commuting to work tomorrow. :shock:

    I did two runs there and back today while there was less traffic, I will be going from Neutral Bay to North Ryde via Crows Nest, Artarmon and Chatswood then my way home will be Epping Road to Pacific Highway and back through Artarmon and Crows Nest. Should be an easy ride, will be a lot of traffic going quite slow so I won't be pressured, will give me plenty of practice of low speed riding before my P's test!!

    I am really starting to see what the fuss about bikes is, gives me the same sort of buzz that my S2000 used to give me. :cool:

    Also, got my first nod from a fellow rider today, feels like I have been accepted. :)

    Hopefully I will meet some of you good folks on the road or at some meets very soon.

    Thanks for all the great advice on this forum.

  2. Always liked the KLE500, nice bike. Good luck with the commute, I'm sure you will do it without a hitch :)
  3. good luck :D i'll give you a nod if I see you around chatswood in the morning.. ;p i'll be the guy dodging the traffic along mowbray road.
  4. Good Luck mate !!
    and STAY alert :wink:
  5. Rybky congrats and good luck. Might see you around the streets of North Ryde cos I commute from Drummoyne to there a few days each week. I'll keep a lookout for your KLE500, see you on the road.
  6. good luck mate. i started a month ago and was all nerves at the start. but it just washes away as you ride on.

    cheers have fun :)
  7. does feel good when you start getting nods as a new rider :)

    Goodluck tomorrow, don't stress about it. Leave a nice gap and just stay relaxed but alert. Bikes hate tension.
  8. You'll be sweet. Just be wary on pacific highway during peak hour, its usually pretty $hit. Probably not so bad southbound.
  9. All the best, Adam! Will you be going via the tunnel? Remember to keep the visor down - stupid fumes :p

    I used to be a Mac U student so I know how tedious the commute is in the morning from Neutral Bay to NR - so take care! :)
  10. Good luck.
    The the red ZZR going in the opposite direction, well, that's me.
    You will recognise me by the big, yellow L plate on the back :)
  11. Well, I made it! Pretty easy really, I just rode like I would drive it, so no dramas. Phew!

    That is so true!! It is like riding a horse, it seems to sense tension and react against it. Do bikes really have a soul??? :)

    It was ok this morning, I go northbound in the morning and south in the evening so really against the traffic. It is also a road I know really well having driven it in a car for 4 years. It was slow, so had plenty of opportunity to practice slow riding, a couple of foot down moments but generally ok!!

    The Lane Cove tunnel .. no way! I have never seen the same cloud of fumes hanging under the ceiling on any of the other tunnels, it is a shocker! Even in the car I always put the air con on recycle. Nope, now that they have rebuilt Epping Road and created a bus lane all the way from Mowbray road junction to the Pacific Highway I will be using that! :)

    Errm, some how I don't think I will be looking at the back of bikes going the other way!! :LOL: I have one of those plates on the back too, damn I thought it was a cool accessory that would make my bike unique, seems like quite a few people have them. ;)

    Thanks for all the advice and encouragement!

  12. hi

    i live in neutral bay also and go to mac uni. why don't you go the gore hill freeway? it'll save you a bunch of time. i don't use the lane cove tunnel cause epping road is awesome for bikes now with the 24hr bus lane. but if you get on the gore hill at north sydney it will cut probably 15 mins off your trip easily, plus the pacific highway is a shitfight in the mornings
  13. Haha it involves a quick glace in the mirror and sometimes leaning the bike so the mirror is angled right - but definitely possible :LOL:
  14. I've not been through Lane Cove tunnel, by car or by bike, but the Burnley Tunnel in Melbourne is pretty bad on the uphill climb. It's usually thick with diesel smog, pretty disgusting - becomes a fun game trying to hold your breath from the bottom of the climb until you break out into fresh air. ;)

    (That said... during winter I always looked forward to the exhaust-filled warmth of the tunnels! :LOL: )
  15. I know what you mean, in the car I would take the Falcon St ramp onto the freeway but for 3 very good reasons I am not going to do this on the bike:

    1) I have only been riding for 2 weeks and I have seen far worse driving on the freeway than I ever had on the Pacific Highway, so I would rather avoid it.

    2) In the car, going to work I would take the Falcon St ramp (toll) on to the freeway then take the Pacific Highway exit to go through Chatswood and then down Fullers Road to work. On the way back it would be the Lane Cove tunnel (toll) and then the Falcon St ramp (toll) again. All that was costing me around $5 per day. So I am now not paying any tolls which offsets the cost of running the bike. \:D/

    3) I am not in any hurry.

  16. Oooh well done! It'd be a year or two before I'd ever be able to ride to work (office is on Clarence St in the city). So hats off to you riding to work so soon after your Ls!

  17. don't use the falcon st exit, it's the most expensive tollway in australia, just use the milsons pt exit and take the hard left at the bottom of the off ramp if you need to head back up to falcon st. it's actually sometimes faster if you time the lights right and it's free!
  18. HAHA spoken like a true city rider.

    It's fun being on your L's and getting used to how easy it is to find parking.

    Good work on starting to commute on your L's. Only way to learn is to actually ride.