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Starting the ground work again

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Newy Daz, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone,
    Due to recent good fortunes (finally employment after 2 years of hell) I have steady cash flow again so I have started to plan my upgrade from my current learners bike the super awesome Hornet 250.

    I am not looking to buy new yet, as but I do have a couple of questions for the more experience and more regular riders on here so I can get a better perspective on what bikes would be more ideal to upgrade to.

    Quick description of what I am currently looking at are the sportier styled nakeds like GSR750, Z750 and Street Triple R as much as I love my nakeds I am still drawn to the Daytona 675, GSXR600 and GSXR750.

    Am not going to concentrate on price range of purchase just yet as I am more than willing to stay on my beloved Hornet until I can afford an outright purchase of a second bike I estimate 5 -8 months.

    My questions are
    Would it be better suited to stick to the mid range bikes or just go the whole hog and look at bigger capacity bikes straight up.

    Is the change from naked to sports a good idea, I am far from a wanna be racer or a speed freak, I ride everyday the bike is my only means of transport at the moment and will be for some time.

    Are there any other bikes you think I should have a good think about as well.

    And generally what are your thoughts on one or a few of the bikes I have already concidered.

    I thank you in advance for any positive insight/suggestions you can give me.
  2. I reckon you're right on the money with going for a gsr750, z750, Street TR etc. In my mind going from a 250cc to a litre sports bike is too big a jump. I think making more a gradual step and learning to ride each at their limit will make you a better rider.

    Also these middleweight nakeds would be easier to commute with seeing as it will be your only transport.
  3. Buy the smallest bike your ego will allow.
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  4. You could also consider a 2008 cb600f hornet
  5. Depends on what sort of a head you have on your shoulders. The CB250F is already a very capable 250, good training for one of these other things, but in the first month of riding you'll have to be very wary in case you do something impetuous, spin the rear and end up on your arse or splatted on a bus fender. I'd just buy the one I really want if I had the cash, and ease into it accordingly.
  6. I was going through the same process until I test rode a Street Triple R then I bought one.
    Frame and suspension from the Daytona. Engine detuned to be more usable. More upright seating position. If my back was less dodgy I'd probably have gone for a GSXR600 or ZX6R. I also like nakeds as the lack of fairing lets you know when you are going quick, unlike a sport bike. (This is important in Vic)