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Starting probs

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by TAX123, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. My bike has starting issues, havnt ridden in a week or so, but when i try to start it with the choke on it starts, runs for about 5 seconds then dies, the second time round even harder to get it going, then after then i just seem to drain the battery

    why doesnt it like the choke?
    i cant rev it either because that cuts the choke off and it stalls

    do i need to adjust the base idle screws?

  2. could be all sorts of things. What bike is it for a start?
  3. this old thing

  4. So will it run without choke?

    Try starting it on the throttle rather than choke.

    If it won't I actually think it may be no fuel getting to the carbies.
  5. When was it tuned last? If your bike isn't properly tuned don't expect it to start well. How does it smell when it dies? Can you smell petrol?

    When properly tuned my bike usually likes a little choke from a cold start, But between tunes over time it seems to run rich (possibly as the air filter collects more shit and starts to need cleaning/replacing). When this happens it doesn't like choke. You could be flooding it, although this normally wouldn't allow it to start then stop.

    If you can't smell petrol ibast could be right. You may be running on petrol in the bowls and then when that is used up the bike stops.

    Nothing to do with the choke issue but if your battery is dying after two starts it needs some maintenance too. The combination of the problems is just waiting to leave you stranded somewhere though.
  6. Over the weekend I hooked the battery to my car with jumpers, it had heaps of charge but didnt want to kick over, then i removed the air filter still nothing, then i sprayed into the carbies, started then stalled, cleaned the carvbies, more sprayt while trying to start it started ran then died, gave up for a while, then i turned the four screws on the side of the carbies, not the idle screw, i think the mixture screw, dont have a manual for the bike, put some more spray then kicked over, removed choke a reved it , was hisitent a first then came to life, put it all back together and went for a ride, the bikes revs seemed to take a while to come back down after i gave it some throttle, in neutral same , if i rev it to say 6k it takes around 3 to 4 seconds to come back down to around 1500 rpm its base idle. as i turned the screws 360 degs to the right, i put them back 180 degs, and the revs drop much quicker, but now worried i may be back to suare 1, why does this happen?
  7. with choke fully on starts runs for 5 seconds then stalls, then very difficult to start, the battery gives out, yesterday I opened it up and had my batery connected to the batery again, it still had problems starting till i opened up the air box and sprayed some WD40 spray into the hole, then it came to life,
    so Im thinking first my battery isnt the best and due to difficult starting it gives up, but thats not the sollution, the bike shouldnt take so many kickovers to get it running, do you thing the air filter needs replacing, or is the carbie dirty inside, why does it start with the air filter out and the spray in the air box?
  8. If it starts easier with no air filter it could mean the air filter is dirty and it's not getting enough air. If so and you give it choke you will only be making it richer again and it won't run.

    But if you have no manual and you've played with carby settings you could have it anywhere. So bit hard to say what 's really going on.
  9. Iv e been riding the bike since the wd40 spray fumes and start proceedure, and it starts first go every time every day, but i got that feeling if it stands for a week or so without riding it'll go back to where I was,
    The only things i can think of is that when it stands for a while
    1 fuel drys up, makeing it hard to start, then after lots of attempts it floods
    2 moisture gets in the carbies and weekens the battery at the same time

    maybe the choke is dirty (clogged up) also making them have probs, the bike does smell kind of rich too when it idles, but then again the bike is like 20 years old
  10. It is looking like a new air filter and a carbie clean and sync.