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starting problem with the zxr

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by GForce, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. ok i dont know why this is happening but i changed the oil and sprayed the carbs with a cleaner and it started just fine. i gave it a wash and its kicking but turning over to fire the beast up.
    i started it up with jumper cables from the car and then rode it for 20mins and then i ran out of fuel so i pulled over and turned off the bike to put it on reserve but now it wont start.
    if i use jumper leads to start it then fires up in 1 go but as soon as i turn it off, it wont turnover to start.
    my stock globes were 60w35 but i put 60w55 (aust standards) on 4 months ago which didnt have a problem.
    i think it could be the battery or the alternator but i wouldnt know. anyone had this problem before?

  2. sounds like your battery is cactus mate, i would be getting a new one if i was you, and when you have fitted it, start the bike up and put a multimeter across the terminals, if you are gettin less than 14v or more than 16v then your alt is cactus too, and if you are not careful it will cook your regulator/rectifier too.

    but a new battery is where you need to start
  3. well i used the multimeter just before and the battery was getting around 11v while the bike was off. when i jump started the bike with jumper leads, it was around the same amount of volts. when i rev the bike, the volts went up to around 12.5 and then back down to 11ish volts.
    im gonna borrow my brothers battery from his bike and see what happens. if it starts then i know my battery is toasted and if not...........then more trouble my way.
    could be the regulator but got a gut feeling its the alternator. man this sucks coz out of the blue the bike just doesnt want to start.
  4. ok i have been reading around and i read that if i start the bike and rev it above 3000 and the lights get brighter, then my alternator is charging. am i correct? if so then that would mean that the alternator is fine?
    only other thing could be the regulator. that could be stuffed but my bike is only 2 years old. could this really be the problem?

    arrghhh the bike is stressing me out and costing so much. might sell the damn thing and catch the bus around.
  5. Make sure all your electrical terminals are clean and tight too. Charge volts could be low (11 12.5v) cause the battery is cactus and dragging the alternator down, make sure you check the charge rate again with the known good batt (brothers).... I'd rather work on the bike every day of the week than look under the bonnet of the cage once a month...
  6. if you are getting less than 14v at 3000rpm then your alt is most likely stuffed (and prolly the battery too or at least well on its way)

    sounds like its time for new alt and battery

    battery you can get from any decent battery shop for 1/2 to 1/3 the price of the same thing in bike shops,

    for the alt, either source one from a wreckers, or see if anyone makes an aftermarket one for the bike as an oem on will cost big bucks
  7. oh no........... i hope its not the alternator. i dont mind if its the battery or regulator but anything but the stupid alternator.
    aint these things suppose to last a long period?
  8. if your bike has had any accidents (drops or knocks) that will reduce the life of the electrical components as they tend to break soldered joints and put fractures in pcb's.

    if in doubt get them checked by a decent auto elec, asking for advice on the forum can only take you so far, spending an hour with an auto elec could end up saving you a heap of money in the end anyway.
  9. rootmasta : are you sure your bike is an 2004 build date or is this year the compliance date when it was imported.

    as what people, above have said start off with the battery and go from there.

    good luck
  10. the built date is 03 but 1st registered in 04. ok i swapped my battery over with my bros and it started up just fine. 1st go too.
    got 14v when i rev it to abit above 3000. when it idels, the multimeter says around 12v.
    wheni turn the bike off and check the voltage, i get nearly 13v.
    i personally dont think its the alternator now coz if the alternator was stuffed, it wouldnt charge the battery when i rev it. correct?
    the battery looks like the answer but my only concern now is, why doesnt sit in the upper 12v when on idel. could it be because of my globes?
  11. bike wont sit at upper 12 at idle as you are draining power. you need higher revs to get that and above (mine runs 11.4 - 11.6v at idle)

    lucky guy, looks like it was just you battery was stuffed, put new one in and keep an eye on it,

    i check my voltages about once per month, it will give you a good indication if all is well or not.

    safe riding

  12. ive changed the battery today and it seems to be working fine. voltage is is now higher at idel (approx 12.5) and when the battery is off its roughly in the low 13v.
    starts up in one go when i installed the new battery. the head lights are now brighter and the bike is more responsive and also smoother now when riding in 6th.
    ill find out in a few days if it was really the battery. if it doesnt turn on in a few days then i know its not the alternator or battery but its the regulator.

    fingers crossed....

    thanks everyone for the info.

  13. Hi!

    Oh man i'm having a similar problem with starting my zxr250 as well =[ The headlights are working fine. When i intially start it cold, it makes a strong starting noise, but then just dies away and then just starts clicking. I use a little choke and nothing =[ It is the battery? I just got the bike a few days ago did i get jibbed? or did i screw it up? The person i bought it off said it's been serviced and all. Anyone have any idea what might be wrong?
  14. Have you checked your fuses?? I had a nigtmare of a time with my 01 zx9r, it kept blowing the ignition fuse, after a crap load of stress in not being able to rely on the thing, it was discovered that the fuel pump was shorting out, and hence blowing the fuse..

    It would start, and could go a week without any hassle, and then bam, nothing, blown fuse after fuse, I was not a nice person to be around at that time.. :cry:

    May not be the same thing, but worth looking into..
  15. Hi thanks! nice quick reply =]

    lol at this stage i'm clueless about these things. I don't know how to check fuses >< it started yesterday morning. Then i stalled and it didn't start again =[

    How do i check fuses?
  16. I'm in no way at all familliar with the zx250, but with mine the fuse box is under the seat, you will know it, it's a black box with "fuses" written on it..

    It's a little bigger than a cigarette packet, you need to open it up and pull each fuse out to see if any are blown, if there is a blown fuse, you should have a couple of spare ones in there, just make sure you replace the correct amp fuse eg: 10amp or 30amp. I made the mistake of trying to use a 30amp to replace a 10amp, it was sheer despiration, I had run out of 10s, and I blew the fuel pump regulator.. Not a happy time at all!! :(

    If you started it yesterday, then you haven't blown the ignition fuse (I would think) do you know anyone who can check your fuel pump for you?

    Initially my bike would just not start after I turned it off, it wouldn't even click over, I had to jump start it to get it going, we thought it was the battery, but the battery was charging etc, this happened untold times, but only when the bike had been running and was then switched off.. Not long after that was when it started to blow the ignition fuse..

    This is only my experience, I don't know too much about the electrics of anything really, just thought it may be something to consider..

    Good luck!!
  17. i always put the choke on when i start it up every morning. if your bike turns on and then dies out, then it could be the battery. check your battery with the multimeter to see what your getting.

    dw mate it was stressful but you'll feel better soon. i gtg and see if my bike starts up.
  18. Thanks again for your replies!

    lol i don't think i'll be comfortable taking my bike to parts yet if i don't know really what i'm doing. However i would stll like to know how to remove the seat covering. On the zxr250 for the whole seat from the bottom of the fuel tank to the tail lights, i can see only 2 screws. Are those the only screws? Are there cables connected to that seat part? lol im afraid i'll open it and all the connections will be lost and don't know how to put them back together :?

    I read in the other threads that it could be the alternator or regulator? how would i know if that's the problem?
  19. lol dw mate, just take the bike apart. that way you know how to fix your bike in the future if u need to. to take the seat off the bike, you 1st must unlock your boot. inside the boot, there is a leaver that you pull on. keep the leaver up and then grab ur seat and off it goes.

    to check alternator: need a multimeter connected to the battery when the bike is running. when you rev your bike, the volts should increase to approx 14v. if it doesnt go up, then alternator is dead.

    with the regulator, u gotta take ur petrol tank off to get to it. this should help you out my friend. http://cbrworld.net/forums/thread/140473.aspx
  20. OMGOSH! i stuffed my bike i think ><

    ok... i got ballsy and thought i'd try to fix it myself. So i try jump start it with the car battery. Thought it would be just like a car, red to red, black to black and start. I read numerous bike starting on the net and followed it. The bike was just about to fire when BANG!!! a huge deafening POP!!! i think i blew a fuse (Please correct me if it's not the fuse). didn't even have the chance to remove the leads! Ahhhhhh i think i created a whole host of more problems >< i'm scarred now ahaha i don't want to go near my bike =[

    Would anyone know what other complications i've created? lol *sigh*

    Anyways i think i better take it to a mechanic now haha. You know that place in brooklyn, melbourne where they sell kawasaki's?race replica i think. is that a good place to get it fixed?

    haha thanks for your help guys i felt i let you guys down =[ ah well at least i'm learning haha

    But anyways, i think the issue would have been the battery... think it wasn't charged enough because the day before i was riding it at low revs, could that be it?

    P.S thanks rootmasta for telling me about the seat thing haha. i spent like 10 mins trying to work out how to open it should have looked at forum first lol. You've been very helpful mate =]