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Starting out???

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Darky, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    Im about to become a rider soon, and i need some specific tips on starting out..
    What insurance company do you rate as the best? At the moment im 18 and living in NSW and would only get 3rd party insurance cover.
    For a bike i want to get a 250cc, and keep it for around a year.
    Can you recommend a good bike (with farings on it) at the $5000 mark?
    When buying a used bike, whats the most common things i should look out for, and the questions i should ask?
    How many km's is a well ridden bike? How often do bikes need checkups from mechanics, (like e.g. every 5000km?)

    Sorry if this is all in other threads, if you could refer me to them, or post direct answers, id really appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance. :)
  2. Used bike guide.

    Shop around for insurance, though I would check out Western QBE and InsureMyRide first.

    For $5000 you're looking at a ratty old CBR250/ZXR250/FZR250, or a ZZR250 or GPX250 in much better condition, much newer model and a more trustworthy history.

    And a well maintained bike, like anything, will go forever. Adjust the price your willing to pay accordingly though. Bikes recommended service intervals are generally between 6,000-10,000KMs.
  3. See if you can get a riding buddy to take you out among the bikers (like, to rider roads like the Old Pacific Hwy or Great Ocean) so you can talk directly to owners. Go to dealers and talk to mechanics, spares people and (as a last resort) sales(wo)men.

    Give yourself time to learn about it before you commit your money.

    There are many good learner bikes, but my own favourite, and to give a simple answer, is the GPX250.
  4. Great, thanks alot fellas. Will do.

  5. If you want to spend 5 grand. I recommend zzr or gpx. 5 grand gets you an 04-05 gpx250 with low (under 15000kms), in very shiny condition. Or a zzr 2 years older and a bit more kms.

    Anything under 20000kms is considered low. 20-35 is medium and more than that could be considered moderately high (because so many 250s are totalled before they get to that kms, baha.) but most 250s will do 150000kms with propper servicing, before you need to dump a new engine in.
  6. I took a look at the ZZR and the GPX, but i dont really like the way they look, and dont think they'd be comfortable to ride on.

    Ive had a look about and found a couple of bikes that catch my eye.

    1989 Kawasaki ZXR-250, with 21,000km;
    1997 Honda CBR-250RR with 22,500km

    But i dont know which is better to choose, both around 4 - 5K price range, both well serviced. The ZXR looks better but its as old as i am!
    What would be some draw backs with such late model bikes? Is it hard to get parts for them, which is technically better of the two? :?

  7. I am on a CBR250RR 90' and I haven't had problems so far with getting parts for my bike. There are a lot of wreckers out there with parts for older bikes so I'd say go with the one that like the most and don't worry about parts too much.
  8. Hey Darky,

    A couple of months ago i was in almost the exact position your in.

    I was looking to buy a full faired bike for around 5k. Both the CBR and the ZXR were my bikes of choice. My advice is just to read this forum religously. I found out everything i needed to know about starting out and now i've got a 98 CBR250rr that i'm gonna pick up later this week for 5500. My advice is dont be shaken off a bike because its advertised price looks to much. Esspecially the CBR's. Be prepared to offer the guy less and see that he says, you might be surprised. The one i'm buying was advertised at 6400. If you do go the CBR try get an Aussie model.

    Just read heaps, there's a wealth of knowledge on netriders, esspecially about CBR250rr's.

    Good luck
  9. Yea i found this forum helped alot with it, especially the checklist.
    Went and inspected the ZXR-250 yesterday, and it was great, and also passed the checklist summary i made. So im getting it delivered and paying $4,400 for it@ :grin:
    Getting my licence in 2 weeks, and i cant wait for my first ride, even revving the bike made me grin lol.

    Thanks to all that replied and gave advice, it really helped!