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Starting on the journey

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Questor, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. Hey folks, my name's Jon and yesterday I finally got around to doing the course to introduce me to this marvellous mode of transportation.

    As this may indicate, I am very much a noob, so I thought I'd come here for advice on what to look for in a bike, and other advice from people who know what they are on about!

    Looking forward to seeing the wealth of knowledge ;)
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  2. Welcome QuestorQuestor. A lot of us live around your area. We can give you some tips, and it will be helpful if we know your approximate height and weight, what sort of bikes you like and how much you want to spend on a bike and gear.
  3. welcome aboard :)
  4. Thanks Petesul
    I'm 180cm and about 83kg. I'm not looking for anything massively sporty to begin with, I think something that's more upright might be better for learning with! But I'm more than happy to be advised otherwise if there are bikes that people have used that are just amazing.

    My budget is probably about $1000 for gear. A friend who rides actually gave me a pair of boots he had worn perhaps twice, so I should not have to buy any of those initially.
    Bike budget.... I don't really have a figure in mind, but given it will be my first bike, and there's every chance I'll drop it, second hand probably isn't a terrible idea!
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  5. Welcome :cool:

    You're about my height/weight, I ride a VStrom and I like the upright feel of it, so maybe a sports tourer type bike might suit if you want something a bit sporty.
  6. Welcome to Netrider Questor!
    Stand by for heaps of advice :)
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  7. Welcome. Start by spendings at mornings browsing bike shops. Go sit on anything you like and see how it feels. Gives you some sort of reference point. When you have your license you can then begin the test ride process to work it out further.

    Buy a new helmet and don't get one without trying on first as helmet shapes differ and don't always fite veryones head.
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  8. I actually have the licence, well, the learner permit (Thanks Josh at Ridetek Sandown) so the exciting bit is imminent!
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  9. Congrats on your learners and welcome to NR QuestorQuestor . Have fun looking for your first ride and remember to keep us posted with what you end up with! :happy:
  10. [QUOTE="Questor, post: 2954765, member: 54815']
    Bike budget.... I don't really have a figure in mind, but given it will be my first bike, and there's every chance I'll drop it, second hand probably isn't a terrible idea![/QUOTE]
    Nothing silly about that. I came off my first bike twice, once on rough gravel, once on grass. Added a few scratches to the duco. Dropped my new (to me) bike twice in one day, thankfully on the already scraped side both times. Right front indicator now held together with black duct tape. Better than a bought one! I was tired and careless that day.
    "Pristine" and I are strangers.
  11. I don't mind the 'used' look - just not the 'misused' look!
    Am currently tossing up between a CB400 or an MT-07
  12. Damage buffed right out. Only black tape as evidence til I find replacement. I had cb250, which was WAY too slow, but was an easy, comfortable, cheap ride. I'm 183cm but about 20kg lighter than you. CB's are bomb proof as far as I'm concerned. Have a blast!
  13. I plan to!
    going to do a couple of test rides on Friday, with a view to purchasing on Saturday if I like something.
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  14. How come I drew the short straw in life!? Literally. At 155cm my choices for an upgrade are the CB400 or Ducati Monster in the LAMS range.

    QuestorQuestor, have oddles of fun scratching your head in confusion about which one to take home on Saturday!
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  15. I'm fully expecting to be none the wiser after riding the bikes!
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  16. You'll know which one fits best and makes you happiest.
    It's the one you look back at after getting off, every time.
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  17. Yeah, the CB400 and MT-07 (And a Street Triple, but that's a little out of the budget right now) all had that feeling - hopefully one will stand out when riding :)
  18. Luck of the draw, I'm afraid.(and growth hormone fed chickens from past generations)
  19. Welcome Questor!! I had a GS500F which was a great learners bike. I would have went for the CB400 but was out of my price range at the time. A few years ago,there was no MT-07 or Street Triple 660! Any of these would be great to learn on. If I had my time again, (and a decent budget), I'd go for the Street Triple 660. I love my STR!!! It is such an awesome bike to ride. As you can tell, I am a little biased, but that's OK. The MT-07 would be another excellent choice, and a bit lighter on the wallet too!

    Let us know what you end up with! Good luck.....
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  20. Be careful test riding the striple.
    That induction whine has caused many to part with $14k I'm sure.
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