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starting off

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by crackin, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. is it better to learn on a dirt bike before riding on a road bike?

  2. *the following is only MY opinion*

    course it is...
    on a dirt bike u learn about riding before u gotta worry about traffic also...
    dirt bike is same as road bike, just depends on the riding conditions...

    on the other side of the coin, dirt bikes are VERY different to road bikes... when was the last time u could kick the back end out on a road bike and survive?? lol

    anyways, good luck with it all dude, and welcome to the site...
  3. I think i know your brother, Filma crackin :LOL:
    Yes dirt is always a better teacher, i call it natural progression.
    Regards Mick
  4. thanks heaps crotch rocket
    my dad has been riding all his life
    and he said learning on the dirt is better for reasons such as if u fall while learning the basics, its alot safer in a paddock or dirt track, rather then a street with cars and trees and gutters etc
    i just thought id ask on here cause he is still thinkin his old 750 bonoville is the best thing on 2 wheels and i didnt wanna get used to riding a dirt bike if it was gonna be so much different then a road bike, that id be doing more worse, then good
    thanks for the welcome
    only been on for 2 days, but learning so much already
    thanks again
  5. all is good man...

    hey i dont have a bike yet (less than a month people!!!), but have had my fair share of both types of bike riding...
    just dont think that u can tail whip a road bike if u get it nice and airborne off a tabletop... :p
  6. when I first learnt, I jumped on a road bike and cruised around car parks until I was totally happy with bike control. Although, I feel living with other traffic is more of an issue then bike control.

    hmm happened to me in the wet on a slippery road. managed to get it to kick back with some gentle throttle control, but i dont wanna do it again!
  7. i stand corrected...
  8. i wont be tryin none of that either on a dirt bike or road bike
    i get my kicks sliding around corners in my car, but i wanna just stick to corners on a road bike
  9. mmmmm... street drift... mmmmm

    some friends wanna go out tonight for some of it.. but i got too many "strikes" against my name... i hate when the long arm of the law catches up with you... lol

    EDIT: my message sounded too try hard...
    wait, it still does... oh well
  10. those 180sx's and skylines do that drifting shit at calder every now n then
    its not a bad night out
    see heaps of blokes in their jap car hit walls
    one busted the turbo oil feed line and caught fire the other night
  11. yea. full lock... those blokes are good... they have these drift practises...
    its funny to watch a guy hit something.. but props to them doing it...
  12. learning to ride on the dirt is a good way to do it, I'd also add a few months of riding a push bike around the city so you get better at being able to read the traffic.

    One thing to control the bike but its another to be able to monitor and control the situations you get yourself into on the road.
  13. i started first on a dirt bike and then moved to the road bike.its good to learn away from roads and other traffic first.