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Starting motorcycle trend in street and mates!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by joetdm, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. Oh do I have some spouses looking at me with evil eyes...........

    Started riding Dec last year...
    Bloke next door, sees me and gets one too.........
    Two doors up.... yep same deal.......
    Three mates... out shopping as I type......

    Feel strange having so many women hating me atm......

  2. I say "good one"

    A bike beats having 100 pair of shoes any day
  3. don't forget to point 'em at the netrider classifieds!!! There's a few nice LAMS bikes for sale in Melb atm :)
  4. Only one looking at lams.
    Others had licenses and for some reason now have broken (apparently my fault) promises..... Maybe the smile on my face when I return from a ride did the trick.

    Oh well, I have daughters so women have been driving me nuts for years.
    Payback... haha
  5. :applause: Good work... gonna get jackets?
  6. They need Kevlar jeans :)
  7. same with me, i decided to get back on the bike after a long break and now all my mates are riding :D their choice not mine :)
  8. I had a break of about 27 years, even though im not 27 yet :p.

    "Huh?" you ask?
    My mum was pregnant with me and on a bike :p.
  9. Just 2 streets over, everone is selling their bikes after one bloke killed himself.

    Trendsetters are everywhere.
  10. me too! i started getting the bike after my uni mate, now my close highschool buds have one
  11. its a disease
  12. Not being quite as old, ive been receiving the evil eyes of other mothers. Particularly that of neighbour and my cousin. but the same thing has happened among a few friends at uni when one of the started riding.
  13. I bet those women will end up riding their own one day!
  14. wish more of my mates rode, a couple do but not enough to be classified as a tough bikie gang!
  15. Jeez I'd much rather have a few riders living in my street instead of the couple of tools in commo's.
  16. Was the only biker at work last year...now 4 of my mates got their licence and a bike tooooo :)
  17. Spread the good word - my neighbours got their licence a few months after my wife and I got ours. Selling the benefits of a cheaper and faster commute along with some nice rides on the weekend is an easy and worthwhile cause.
  18. You have that feeling too!!!!
  19. I've just got back into bikes after a 15 year break, the missus left so I needed a distraction from the stresses, but I am finding it difficult to adapt to the power of the Bandit, I bought it off my 70 year old neighbor, he rode it to Uluru and a few other trips so I thought it would be a nice docile bike for me, what a shock I got. But it's great being back on a bike.
  20. Don't get out much do ya! \\:D/

    Good on for setting the trend though!