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Starting issues

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by geeth, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. Hi all

    Bear with me I am not overly great with explaining.

    I have recently purchased a 1995 xjr400.

    I took it out for a ride just under a week ago, when I stopped and tried to start it again - about 5 min after) the bike made a buzzing / zapping noise but she wouldn't go. Kick stand up / down, kill switch was set to on, fuel petcock on (also tried prime) first and neutral. But it wouldn't start, after all these attempts I flattened the battery. So I tried to roll / push start the bike in 2nd. When I let the clutch go it start putting but couldn't get anything more from there.

    So after a chat with the missus father (who is in vic) I went and got a new battery and rode home.

    Today I went for a ride, maybe 40 minutes, I got the bike out to where I keep it. And thought hmmm maybe I should make sure it starts, and it made the same noise as last time but no love. It makes this noise for the first 3 attempts then nothing.

    I still have power in the battery because well I know where it is going and only tried about 5 times.

    So while the bike is currently hot, has plenty of fuel, full oil sump and water is fine. I cannot make it start.

    Also I have a battery charger it's a 6/12v selectable and trickle charge selection and the battery is a ctx7a-bs, would there be an issue with putting this on the charge?

    I have just had a look at the old receipts from the prev owner and have noticed that one of the parts is reg/rect - so it shouldn't be that. I hope.


    Just a couple of things that I have thought of that may get asked.
    Before this problem started... I have done about 5 long rides - 1 hr + - and about a dozen short rides just going to the train station and back which is about 4 kms down the road. No starting issues with any of these
  2. Im by no means technically minded but..
    my gsxr's stator recently gave up, I would get 4 or 5 rides on a charged battery then she wouldnt want to fire either
    As the reg/rectifier has already been replaced on yours it might pay to have a look at your stator incase its dodgy?
    Mine had a couple of big black blobs on mine and wasnt charging the battery properly until i replaced it.

    I just used a car charger to charge my bike battery 12 volt on trickle and kept a eye on it for bulging but it seemed fine
  3. Thanks for the reply. Thankfully the missus dad is coming today so will get him to have a look at it. I'm new to bikes so I wouldn't know where to start :p
  4. I have just hooked the battery up to the charged at 12v trickle charge.
    The charger is stating that the battery is still at 75% charge, don't know if this is important.

    When I went to try the bike this morning the panel lights where dim and the horn didn't work. Don't know if this is odd the 75% or not.
  5. with the charger i used - my bike showed 3 lights out of 5 charged but this wasnt enough to crank the bike over - and the fuel pump made a very tired noise like it couldnt be bothered as well lols

    With a charged battery I would get about 4 or 5 rides and enter into push start territory. I read a bit about checking the stator along with reg/rect so thought this might apply as yours reg/rect was replaced

    If you decide to pull the stator cover off to check it, make sure you have a bit of gasket paper and a razor handy - the big coils of copper wiring should not have big blobs of black melted plastic looking stuff on any of them.

    I had a workshop manual for my bike i got online, if your good with a multimeter i think you can narrow down the problem using resistance measurements - Im not real technically minded so it was quicker for me to spend 15mins manually checking the stator for obvious damage (which it had) than possibly a hour trying to figure out how to use this crazy professional multimeter i borrowed. (BTW first thing i tried was a new battery too lols but it turned out to be the stator)

    I am pretty ignorant with bike internals tho mate so somebody with more knowledge will hopefully step up? I might be giving you a bum steer is all mate - different bike than mine and all might not be the same kettle of fish?
  6. OK....
    So I charged the battery to full and put it back in. The bike started fine. So it looks like it is simply a charging problem and pretty much established.

    Other then a stator needing replacement what other reasons could there be for the battery not getting a charge while riding?
  7. could be the rect/reg but its been replaced?... maybe the battery terminals are vibrating loose?
    the gsxr's were known for burning the plug connector doo-valackies so it might pay to check your electrical connections near the stator cover (mine needed a good clean)
  8. The terminals have been tight when I have taken the battery out.

    Tommorrow I will be getting a multi-meter to check current while off and on
  9. After finally working out how to use the multi meter I attached it to the battery terminals and got nothing while the bike was off. So I turned it over and was getting 12.3 v. when I reved the bike - I went to 7k - the multi meter was still showing that it was at 12.3 v.

    Would this indicated that the battery isn't getting the charge from where ever while its running?
  10. you should of still been able to read 12volts at the battery terminals whether bike is on or off... ?

    On mine from memory, it was meant to read around the 14 -14.5 volt mark with the bike revving at 1/2-3/4 ish revs. 12.3 volts doesnt sound like enough to me.

    Mine was reading approx 12.5 volts when it had the blown stator coil, might be time to get the spanners out for a look + check the reg/rect with the multimeter while you have it to be sure
  11. As above definately sounds like your stator has gone.

    You should be getting around 14+v at the battery when it is reved.

    Where are you located ?

    If in Brisbane area I can recommened a guy to re-wind your stator for around $120, as a new part is stupid dear.
  12. I live about 35 kms south of brisbane, but willing to travel
  13. Ok was Eagleby sth of Brissy wasnt sure.

    If it is your stator.

    The place is in Salisbury at the very top of Flanders street called Automotive Armutors ask for Sal. I just had my stator done there.

    The building has a big blue circle on the front of it.

    hope that helps mate.
  14. Thanks mate, will look into it.
  15. Well I decided to take it to the mechanics to get done.
    Just a little worried about buggering it up, also apparently the stator and take out the reg/rect sometimes, and since I don't know how to check a reg/rect thought it was best.

    The stator is burnt and getting re-wound so hopefully thats all the issue is and I can get back to riding shortly.
  16. sounds to me like its sorted :)
    Whats the bill for the rewire?
  17. 220 for the rewind. It was about $120 is I went to Sal as stated earlier in the thread.
    But without knowing what i am doing, I figure this will be the best option and I know then that the charging system is good and can get back to riding.
  18. Now it would seem that the battery has dropped a cell....

    I think it is because when it was charged it was done at 7 amps, not 3 as stated on the battery. No this wasn't my mistake.
  19. Sounds to me like the battery was the issue all along, i would of replaced it first and see how things went...
  20. Battery was replaced after I started having issues after a ride and before all this.

    The stator was burnt.