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Starting Issue when bike is hot

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by pfrazer, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. Hi All

    I have a 2006 Suzuki GSR600, 13,000km on the speedo, always run on BP premium unleaded since i have had the bike, which is almost a year.

    When the bike is cold, it starts first time every time. It does not miss a beat, it fires as soon as it cranks and runs like a dream.

    However, when i take it for a ride and get it up to operating temperature (the guage shows anywhere between 80-90 degrees depending on the weather), it seems to have an issue re-starting after i shut it off. Here is what happens........

    Pull up and turn the bike of, go for a drink and leave the bike for ten minutes. Go back, gear on, key on, the bikes cycles through the rev range and does what it does, pull the clutch in, hit the start switch, nothing happens. There is no cranking of the engine, there is no clicking of the stater motor. It is like the battery is dead, but the lights and all electrics work. I have a charger for the battery and i regularly use it.

    I can hit the kill switch and reset the start up procedure, but i get the same result, nothing happens when i hit the start switch. This can go on for a while before she will mysteriously fire and run.

    I am assuming this is a heat related issue ????

    Recently i discovered this trick which gets the bike firing. Turn ignition on, kick the bike into second gear without pulling the clutch in, rock the bike backwards to engage the gears, pull clutch in and shift back to neautral, flick the kill switch so the bike resets, then hit the start switch and it will start as if there has not been an issue.

    Has anybody had the same issue and if so how did you resolve it ?

    Any advise is greatly appreciated !!!
  2. I'd say starter button switch given your first description... Give that a clean with some contact cleaner/lubricant & go from there.

    The second part about how you get it started is a bit strange...
  3. I'd guess neutral switch, or kickstand switch. Does your neutral light come on when before your hot start?
  4. +1 to neutral or kickstand switch with preference towards neutral switch.
  5. Yeah the neutral light comes on at all times when starting. Goes off when you kick it out of neutral and into any gear.