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Starting bike from an uphill position

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by PeterPorker80, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. After enjoying a great ride up the Old Pacific Highway to East Lake Macquarie (gf's mum's place), I had a bit of an embarrassing moment when I left.

    Her street is downhill and I parked the bike on the street, perpendicular to the curb (not diagonal) with the kickstand on the downhill side.

    Now I'm just getting used to my bike's weight and getting it upright (so I could get my right foot on the ground while my left foot kicked back the kickstand) proved tricky. My gf and her mum watched while I sheepishly pushed the bike from perpendicular to the curb to parallel. It was very precarious.

    How do you park your bike on a downhill street and, more importantly, how do you get going from that position?
  2. Park the bike facing uphill. It's far less likey to fall over that way. Parking 90 degrees to the slope is a bit silly imo.
  3. Don't forget to leave it in gear. Or get a new girlfriend.
  4. Like the following:


    Always turn the wheel to the left. :D
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  5. Kickstand downhill, otherwise a light breeze can knock it over.
  6. Thanks for the advice (and the photo, Hypervisor). Will park diagonally next time. Felt like it could fall over when I hopped on when it was perpendicular.
  7. is the mum hot ?
  8. Can't she just go to your place?
  9. Ok, slight variation of the OP... but if I wanted to get into the first driveway that you see on the right hand side, would I be better off...
    a. Go straight up a a constant speed and take that gutter on an angle?
    b. Go up the hill and turn right 90 degrees to take the gutter straight on?
    c. As point a. but from coming down the hill?
    d. As point b. but from coming down the hill?

    Note, that the hill is quite steep, and taking that driveway in a car you basically have to stop on the gutter and take off again into the driveway as you can't do it in one go.

    My concern is that if you do stop, then with the angle of the slope, you want have enough height to out your foot down to support the bike and in particular the weight of the bike.

  10. not necessarily related to this particular situation, but always park nose pointing uphill. multiple reasons.

    1: its a hell of alot easier to reverse down hill (unless you actually have a reverse gear)
    2: with the way the kickstand closes up, if your bike inches forward, it could fold the kickstand up... unlikely, but im sure it has happened
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  11. She took a break from cooking and cleaning for me :p to visit her mum. I took the opportunity to ride up the Pacific Highway.
  12. But is her mum hot?

    .................... and a.)
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  13. I live on a massive hill. Not much traffic. Two lessons I learned:
    1) I didn't have the confidence to turn right into my driveway initially (I also struggled turning left when coming out) so I rode past it and did a u-turn at the top of the court, which allowed me to enter more easily from the uphill direction. The problem here is that I wasn't shifting weight to the outside in low speed turns. No one really told me about that. Once that clicked, in and out of the driveway, no problems.
    2) No one told me about distance to ground when a hill runs across in front of you, when stopped. I once made the mistake of putting the downside leg down (I did that the first day I rode because I froze about going into the stupid driveway). I suffered a muscle tear. So always lean to the upper side.

    Every problem is an opportunity to learn. I should be a genius by now! :)
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    gosh you guys need to harden the f uck up


  15. I had a similar problem thanks to parking stupidly on a steep camber - had my bike three days so very much learning learning learning :D Googled and found a YouTube. I don't think I can embed media yet, so look for:
    How to Stand up a Motorcycle - Harley Davidson Street Glide

    Works a treat for me.
  16. Park with your rear wheel against the curb...or close enough.
    Start the bike, remember it ain't goin no where as the rear wheel is against the curb.
    Put your gear on and have a look up and down the street making sure it's clear and you have a game plan on what your doing...where your going and how your going to do it.
    Get on the bike, grab first, hopefully your clutch is in. You can lean your biketo your right foot and kick the stand up, or just ride off most come up anyway.
    Use the rear brake and not the front, slip the clutch just on it's friction point...keep dragging the rear till your clutch is fully out and your riding. When your speed is up to 15 or 20 k you should have enough stability in the bike not to do anything stupid so release the rear brake.
    Have fun come again
  17. What's the purpose of dragging the rear brake while slipping the clutch? If going uphill won't pulling the clutch in if speed is an issue achieve the same thing? Is it a stability thing?

    Cheers :)