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Starting after a few weeks of idle

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by cosi, Jul 14, 2005.

  1. as some of you may know, i broke my wrist the other week and haven't been on the bike since, started it once in the first week but after that i've been away or just forgotten about my precious.

    i tried to start it the other night to no avail.

    battery slowly became less powerful, not dead.

    What should i do once my cast comes off in 3 weeks?

    roll it up the driveway and roll start it down my hill? charge it beforehand?
  2. Take the battery out and slow charge it a couple of days before you're planning to ride. Batteries lose charge when not recharged by the bike's alternator (obviously) and this should fix it. When you DO go for a ride make it a bit longer than usual to put some good meaty charge back into it.

    Remember that the battery's biggest drain is starting and it takes at least 15 minutes for it to recover from that.

    This should also have the by-product of you not having to jump start it down the driveway with a wrist that won't be as strong as it could be!!!

    Best of luck.
  3. dont scare me about the wrist :( er so.. is it just like roll starting a car? manual of course
  4. Find either a nice flat stretch of road or a VERY slight down hill. Stick the bike into neutral. Run beside the bike till you get up alittle speed, jump on, pull in the clutch, click up into second gear and release the clutch. You can sorta push down/jump on the seat as you let the clutch out to aide the back wheel in traction if you like but usually isn't neccessary.

    As soon as you feel it kick over give the throttle a quick blip and your away.

    The reason i say second gear is some i've seen people clutch start a bike in first gear, giving it too much throttle and the bike either takes off on them and the stack it as a result, or the bike flips because they let it out with too much throttle because first gear is so touchy. Second gear makes the process much smoother and not so jerky.

    Last of all don't be afraid because it really is not hard at all.
  5. okay, sweet.

    i'll be trying that then, thanks guys
  6. Or buy a battery charger. Plug it in and let it do it's thing.
  7. i tried starting it.. it was just going to run the battery down.

    i hadnt started it in 2 weeks though and it stays out in the cold.. i put a blanket over it now.. poor little sucker.. then my budgie died next to it :( oh billy boy i hve such fond memories.....

  8. Please tell me the blanket you put over it wasn't the blanket you used to cover the budgie and keep it warm at night?? :?
  9. You might have to put the fuel tap on "prime" or "pri", because there may be no fuel in the bowls.

    And as stated a well charged battery really helps
  10. Get a car battery and use that.
    Spray WD40 into the air intakes & check that the air filter is nice and clean.

    Probably built up some condensation whilst being stood (damp weather), which is putting it off. The blanket might help, or some of those silicon gel sachets strategically placed...
  11. i wont tell you night rider dont worry

  12. :( :( Rest in Peace Billy Boy. The love of a bike will have us doing crazy things. You will be dearly missed i'm sure!!!
  13. haha no no

    i took it off after it had died hahah

    i looked back and read my post and i see where you got that from hehe ( not that it is very funny :( )

    i thought you were gonna say dont put a blanket with feathers on it or something cos it will blow up the bike etc etc :D

    billy was 16 years old ... blue like the sky on a hot summer day, now he can finally get out of that cage and fly into the sunset!
  14. Oh ok. HAHA. Looks like Billy lived a long and happy life. Sad to hear about his passing although the misconception that arose as a result of your post, i gotta admit was pretty funny.

    I thought you had taken the blanket away from the bird to protect your bike and as a result killed poor billy. That's the irony of it.
  15. hehe yeah, i should of given a speech to him before i sacrificed his life..

    maybe it was cos i use to start the bike and have the choke on at 7am and it scared the shit out of him.. speaking of that.. he had built up a tower of shit it was pretty big.. perhaps it was that.. maybe i should of taken better care of my billy boy
  16. my advice for starting your bike...

    get a mate... get him to push the bike while you sit on it.. with the cluch in and first or second gear selected (I always use first) when you guys get to some speed slowly let the cluch out while your mate is still pushing... get him to push as long as he can... depanding on the conditon of the plugs, air filter and fuel this might needed to be done several times... and try without choke, and with choke as well as full throttle and no throttle... some bikes like different setups...
  17. Before you charge the battery, check the fluid level.
    If you charge it while the plates are a bit dry you will stuff the battery completely. Only use distilled water to top up. Top up to top line on battery, then charge. Stop charging if the water level gets to bottom line.

    The charging evaporates water giving off hydrogen gas as a by product which is very dangerous.

    Dont light a match to check or we will all hear the bang.

    Leave battery for about half hour after long chare before using. You might make a spark while connecting and there is still gas being given off. Again loud bang.

    Even if you push start the bike, check the battery either straight away or better still before.

    Good luck.


  18. Cosi all this is good advice.

    You can buy from bike shop, trickle chargers that cost about $60-$70, these can be hard wired direct to the bikes battery while the battery is still connected to the bike. It will have a plug halfway up the wire loom that you can unplug from the charger and put the bike side of the loom under your seat somewhere out of the way while you are riding it and reconnect it when you get back from your ride. It would be very beneficial if your bike is left out in the cold as batteries don't like the cold.

    Before connecting the charger take Brian's advice and ensure the acid level is correct and top up if nessacary.

    A bike can sit without being started for quite awhile. If this was to happen for say a few months recovering from said injuries then all I would do is turn the fuel tap off, run the bike until it stops, this is an easy way to drain the fuel bowls of the carbs. Turn the trickle charger on (these chargers can be left on indiffently as they only put out .04 of amp or something), cover the bike and it can sit there for quite awhile. There are other things you can do if you start storing bikes for extened periods but I won't go into them here.

    Starting the bike once a week is not good for any the bike or the battery! All it really does is foul the plugs.

    I run these chargers at home on my Ducati (shocking things for batteries and arn't the easiest things to roll start either) I have also ran these on my old Trans Am and kept charge in the battery of that quite succesfully.
    DO NOT charge your battery with a car charger. Car chargers have too higher output and can stuff your battery up. When I get a new bike battery I fill with acid and charge for about three days, these chargers give a good deep charge.

    If you get one of these chargers, connect it and leave it on for a few days, mine has a red light that flashes that tells me that the battery is at its optimum, leave it go another day and then your bike should fire up as normal.
    These are also better for your charging system as motorcycle alternators and Regulator/Rectifies don't like working very hard which is what they do when they are trying to charge a battery from dead flat.

    I hope this helps you
  19. ok that sounds alot more healthier for the bike.

    (stupid question) after running the bike out on fuel tap off, it will start again once flicked back on ?

    and this trickle charger, it removes the need of a roll start i assume?
  20. Yes and Yes. You may need a twist of two of the throttle first to get some fuel into the carbs but it will start fine provided you have petrol.

    The trickle charge will charge your battery up back to it's optimum. You can then just start the bike as you normally would.