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Starting a vt250c

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by yob_job, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. Hey all,

    I just bought a Honda vt250c
    And it really takes me a while to start the thing.

    i press the start button and for about 5 mins it will sit there start for liek 2 seconds then conk out and i have to keep re trying for ages.

    Is this normal?
    If not does any on know what it could be?

    Thanks guys and girls!!!
  2. Can you eventually get it running?

    If not, check:

    1) That you have plenty of fuel (number one issue for new riders)

    2) That the fuel tap is working - remove a fuel line from a carburettor to see if fuel runs out.

    If you have a vacuum tap there will be a diaphragm, usually vertical, on the side of the tap, and an extra vacuum line from the inlet manifold to this diaphragm.

    If the diaphragm has a hole the tap won't open. Some bikes have a Prime position to bypass the diaphragm system when starting after being not used for a while..

    3) If using choke make sure you don't open the throttle at the same time - this stops the choke from working.

    4) Don't keep the starter motor running for more than 10 secs at a time . Let it rest for 20 secs.

    The symptom of only running for a couple of seconds suggests that there siumply is not enough fuel. Either the tank is low, it's not switched to the right position, or the diphragm has failed.


    Trevor G
  3. Some electronic ignitions will only make a spark when the battery is good. If your battery isn't great the ignition won't spark even though there's enough grunt to spin the motor. This may not apply to your bike tho, just a thought.

    If using the choke, don't touch the throttle. Don't use the choke if the engine's warm, just use 1/4 throttle.