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Starting a Video Journal of My Riding. Opinions?

Discussion in 'Video Logging' started by jaguarfanster, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. So, I decided to chuck a video in my helmet and finally get some footage of my

    riding. I added some commentary to get a sort of time-capsule in regards to my

    mentality, at the time. Hopefully it'll end up being a video journey of a novice

    rider slowly acquiring skills on the long road to expertise :)

    Numero Uno:

  2. 00:09 dangerous road positioning. white car oncomming lane does not see you. he is turning across your path. he is watching the truck ahead on your left.
    you need to be alongside the truck sitting slightly ahead of the driver.

    cars can't see YOU. remember that. i won't mention it again.

    00:59 pause it. see that white car entering of the left. you've been hiding from it behind the car in front of you for the last 10 seconds.
    you are also in the wrong lane. instead of tailing the black car you should have been using it as a mobile shield for anything entering the road from the left.

    2:11 relating to you commentary. it is not illegal in Victoria to overtake on the left in the same lane.
    however, it was illegal to pass the black car while it was still moving.

    3:30 "ooh is this a police car"
    who gives a ****. watch out for the white van with no windows. you are in the fastest moving lane. that makes cagers change lanes.
    those vans change lanes when they can't see.
    they have to because they can't see even if they wanted to. no windows.

    all throughout the vid most noticably>
    always hovering in blind spots. don't do that.
    often in the lane that affords you the less visibility to scan ahead.

    you should shut up and concentrate on what you are doing, or welcome to the Alfred.
    lose the watch.

    7:20 right, see that big slow white truck stopped at the front of the quewe right hand lane. you should have noticed it before now because you should be watching that far ahead)
    any of the cars waiting behind it might try to kill you as you pass them on the left.
    all of them want to be the first to get out and around the truck.
    too fast, too blazeh. you were lucky. that time.

    i could'nt watch any more after that. you are too ****ing scarey to watch. that is some dangerous shit.
    sorry, just no way to sugar coat it.
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  3. i haven't watched it but it sounds bad... remember if a car hits you we don't have time machines yet.

    Anyway, enough beige nannying

    I wish i had 3rd person footage of some of my (slightly experienced) riding, when you pull something off by a fluke that is way above your skill level.
  4. I stopped watching at around the 3:00 mark when you equated the amount of gear a rider wears with their riding skill. On balance, MT1's critique up until that point seems reasonable, and worth consideration.
  5. Thanks for the critique MT1. I think I got carried away with the video.
  6. Damn, now I really want to watch the video.
  7. It's good of you to share. You'll get lots of criticism, hopefully its mostly constructive but on Youtube there'll be some savage ones. I imagine that 99% of riders can make improvements so I hope you don't take it to heart.
    As a generalisation you seem to be a bit impatient on that video.
  8. Keep filming your riding and show them to people you trust.

    Oh and everyone is an expert when viewing stuff in hindsight, so expect to get "picked on" ... but that is how we learn. And you don't have to agree with what other people say about your riding, but if you stop and think about what they have said you're likely to improve as a result.
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  9. wheres the video?

    please dont start another 'im learning to ride' blog/podcast/vodcast/vlog/tumblr/nr blog thread. There are millions on the internet already.

    Learning to ride is very exciting for the person involved.
    For everyone else its not.

    EDIT: Op dont be a biatch and take down the video...
  10. sorry Desmond.
    i envy your innocence. wish i still had that.
    can see how much you love riding. you are our brother.

    but it's a serious game. they can and will hurt you.
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    Listen to mt1. I suspect if even the most experienced rider here posted vid of their day to day riding they would get criticism. And I expect this is why you posted it. I can't see the vid but reading what mt1 says you have a lot to learn and you know this.

  12. Yeah...what video.

    I haven't seen it but one thing that can put people off is swivelling your head all over the place very quickly. You must try to minimiZe that for the video.
    Problem is...you need to do it to maintain your situational awareness until it becomes second nature and you aren't having to look everywhere at once.
    Peripheral vision is the key.
  13. I wish I had seen the video now.....