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Starting - '92 GSX 250S Katana

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Gesuz, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. #1 Gesuz, Jun 2, 2009
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    Hi everyone, i was hoping that some of you who have greater bike experience than me would give me some help with my bike.

    Bike: GSX250S Katana
    Year: 1992
    Mileage: 24k
    Crashes: non - except a stationary drop in which my bike was on its stand but pointing down a hill and the vibrations of the bikes engines cause it to move off its stand and on its left side.

    Pretty much i bought this bike from its previous owner at 22,000. He said he used to to commute to and from work. He said that the only problem with starting is that it wouldnt start once in a while other than that it started fine. If on the odd occasion it wouldnt start he said to use a spray thingy that you spray into the air box/filter that would make it start.

    This was all well and true until i dropped it and since then its been a pain in the arse to start.

    Heres a vid: [media=youtube]M6Ld3K-eFDk[/media]

    Side notes:
    - I don't normally use choke because i found it did about nothing to help it start in the past and present.
    - I have a fuel filter between the tank and engine.
    - At the end of the Video were it gets cut off i say "its embarrassing"
  2. i know its not the same bike but https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=65279 see if anything there helps

    the spray stuff is called "Start ya bastard" can get it at stupidcrap auto/repco/autobarn etc

    prolly dun wana keep trying to start it or you;ll drain your batt

    tell us how u go
  3. oh ive been starting it like that for like a month now (thats when the drop happened) and the bat still hasnt died so eh ..

    also it does start just incase y'all thought it didnt .. it does actually start after a while ..

    also after its been running for a bit theres no probs starting it up again (im assuming coz its warm)


    also i do have spark from all sparks
  4. Hi,
    Take a look at the side stand & clutch switch which might have been damaged after the fall.
    Also use the choke & pull in clutch lever & don't open the throttle while attempting to starting it.
    My old Kawasaki had side stand & clutch switch problems, i.e the starter motor would turn over [like yours does ] but won't start the engine.
    Ended up taking it to a repair shop to disconnect both switches permanently ,never had a problem after that.

  5. May be unrelated to the drop, has it been serviced recently? If your valves are out of adjustment it can cause starting problems...
  6. Thanks for the replies

    @sanoptic: I cant actually pull my clutch in use choke and press the start button all at teh same time because they are too far from each other (clutch is left hand starter is right hand and choke is all the way down at my left knee).

    @MV: yeah ill take a look at the valves. i think ill just give it a full clean over the hols but would be nice to get it started and fixed without having to take the entire thing apart.
  7. Hi,
    On cold days or in the mornings you have to use the choke on carburetor bikes.
    Is your choke a pull out type?,you shouldn't have to hold it on.
    Try pulling clutch in & press starter button with choke on.
    Tank is most likely vacuum type ,make sure vacuum line is connected correctly or put it in prime position.
    Also turn kill switch on/off a few times & make sure its in 'RUN' position.

    I always try the simple things first with starting problems before i take it in for repairs.
    Hopefully its not an expensive ignition box or coil problem but you never know on a 16-17 year old bike.

  8. a bike shouldnt require starting like that every single time, even if its that old. yea check the fuel lines, maybe a blockage in there or something + check the batt.

    when you try to start it, doesnt start, turn it off for a few secs, then turn it back on and try again, that way you let teh batt have some rest. Lights drain power too
  9. @sanoptic: the choke looks like this (/) circle turnie thing with arrow on it .. i have to turn it andhold it there because if i dont it will return to the off position hence i cant hold it and hold in clutch at the same time..

    and yes it is vacuum tank

    @Willzah: yeah ill take a look at the fuel lines on the weekend if i can .. or else ill have to wait till holidays
  10. in your vid you say you switch it to prime, then switch it back to off? arent you meant to swtich it to prime for a bit then swtich it to on? im not fimilar with fuel systems which require priming, wouldnt you need to let it on prime longer than that?

    You say after 5 mins of starting it, well the starter motor will move the pistons, which would cause the vaccum require to get fuel
  11. when i say switching it off i ment off prime and into the on position haha