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Starter won't Start 'Er

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Lobsta, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. So little over 24 hours after getting the bike back from a major service. Rode it out somewhere this evening, no troubles at all. Got back on it about 2 hours later and the starter wouldnt do anything. no attempts at turning over, no click sound, just like pressing a button that wasnt attached to anything. it wasnt the kill switch or anything stupid, and it wasnt the battery, coz all the other lights were going fine, just pressing the starter did nothing.

    managed to get it push started, despite kawasaki's "positive gear selector" which doesnt allow you to put it into anything but 1 and N while the bike it stationary, and it rode home fine, but tried out the starter at home and still nothing.

    few questions:

    1- is it unreasonable for me to pin this on something that the mechanic has inadvertantly knocked loose or something? it has been started probably 8-10 times since picking it up from the shop with no issue.

    2- is it unreasonable for me to expect the mechanic to fix it up tomorrow straight away?

    3- is it unreasonable for me to expect this repair to be free considering this is the first trouble i have ever had with the starter and only 1 day after a major service?

    4- any tips on push starting on your own? i had 2 blokes to push the bike for me, and its not that free moving with the clutch in when the bike isnt on. should i do it in first? N then change to first when its moving? N then change to second when its moving? bugger around to try and get it in 2?

    5- anyone got the day off tomorrow in the brisbane area that may have an idea how to fix this problem on my own? any ideas on how to do it on my own that you can impart over the web?



  2. I'm leaning towards wires that run to the starter relay, from the ingnition have been budged. Take it to the bike doctor, and he/she should fix it in no time, for minimal - if any, charge.
    If it is the button/switchblock, however, find a wrecker or lube up.
  3. just had a random thought, but could it be a fuse? or would more things be gone if it was that?
  4. Could be a fuse (saves lubing up if it is) there should be one near the battery usualy on top of the starter solinode 30amp is common but check all your fuses ,If you replace a blown fuse and it pops again take it to the mechanic..
  5. went and checked. all the fuses are good.
  6. Impossible without seeing the bike.

    Batteries can fail suddenly.
  7. i dont think its the battery, coz when i go and turn the key to on, all the other lights are fine and on totally. or is there another way in which these would still work and the battery is kaput?

    is there a way to check with a multimeter?

  8. No.
    Just because the lights come on, means nothing much. It takes amps, not volts to spin the starter motor.
  9. The answer to your first three questions is yes. :)

    No idea about push starting, but pick a gear & drop the clutch when up to speed, should work.

    If the GPX has the same switch block as the ZZR, it could be the switch itself, ours give trouble every now & then. Disassemble switch block, clean with contact cleaner/lubricant, (or WD-40 if you have got any contact cleaner) put it all back together & give it a try.

    Even if it doesn't fix it, it will only take 10 mins & you've ruled out the switch.

    Good Luck!
  10. Theres a wire that runs to the starter motor underneath the carbs. It can come loose as it has on my bike. Just push it down and play around with while pushing the starter until you get it to spin the starter motor.

    If nothing happens then you've ruled out the connection at that end atleast.
  11. ends up all i had to do was wiggle the wire that comes out of the starter switch while pressing the button. dodgy connection somewhere in there, but wiggling it into place seems to do it fine
  12. Get it fixed, it will let you down again. Anodes and cathodes grow further apart.
  13. They do , Indeed. Fix it properly, or you will fix it twice.
  14. so i decided to throw caution to the wind and pull apart the block and try to fix it myself. turns out it was just one of the two wires that had come off the switch. pretty easy to fix. pulled out the soldering iron, first attempt at soldering was unsuccessful, probably due to the penetrating lube the mechanic sprayed up it when looking at it. so i wiped that off with cotton tips, tried again, and the solder still didnt take. so i wiped more off, applied solder to both parts (wire and switch) and after the worlds bodgiest solder job ever, it is stuck, and it didnt f&%k up the throttle cable when re-attaching the block. Hurrah!


    ^ world's worst solder job

  15. Seen worse. Love the happy ending.
  16. As long as it sticks, Lobby, it's a job well done.
  17. hehe yeah,

    if that one didnt take i was gonna move to plan b: blu tac :p
  18. the answers where
    but hey its all good.
  19. Lobby what is with your bike? My gpx is is poor condition and I don't seem to have half the problems you do.

    Still, love reading your trouble shooting posts. They're very entertaining. I look forward to the next episode.