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starter relay/solenoid interchangeability?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by rodgonzbea, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. Hello peoples.. I have a question..
    I have a Yamaha SRX250, 1985..
    After dropping it off at a mates for a welding repair (exhaust) for a couple of days, when picking it up it wouldn't start... the reason was a stupid little connection to the petcock that had come loose. Anyhow, until we saw that we cranked it and cranked, cleand the sparkplug, adde etho to the carb.. etc. Flattened the battery. My friend is a car mechanic, he has one of those super starter packs that will literally jumpstart a truck. I thought, 12v.. she'll beorright.. Tried ,tried, tried.. Oh sh.. whats that.. connect ..Start!!
    Rode home. Stopped to fuel up, and when I restarted it.. the starter motor made a horrible whining "im dying" noise. It still started, but it took a lot of convincing.. Next morning.. same.
    Thinking I cooked the starter motor, I subsequently battled for two days with an allen bolt off another bike skeleton (same model.. for parts) i have so I could swap the starter motor.(the donor was working fine)
    Put it up.. same horrible noise. Its like it has not enough crank to start the bike, and it takes ages to do it. Im afraid Ill end up killing the battery!!

    Im going to try swapping the starter solenoid, I think I have an old one in my shed.. if not.. can I just get one of repco, supercheap, etc? Yamaha quoted 140 bucks + 2 weeks. One wrecker said 40-50 another one 10-20. Apparently they are like 20-30 new (an automotive one), so that would look like the better choice.. The solenoid on the bike just says HItachi 12 v..

  2. Rod before you go out buying a new starter relay, short out the large terminals by using a spanner across them and see if you still get the funny noise, if so then perhaps you have a starter clutch problem.

    Good luck from Vmaxer
  3. Hello..

    I think u are right man..
    I had to leave my bike at a relo's for a couple of days as the weather has been shocking anyway (bike tends to stall if too wet.. not very waterproofed). Anyhow, i managed to find a spare solenoid, and today tried what you suggested.. same sound, and a bastard to start.. As the solenoid on the bike was really crappy anyhow (rusty and full of barnacles..really), just swapped them. Still, same slipping kind of noise. So I will have to see how the f.. ill get to the starter mechanism..
    Thanks mate for the advice..

  4. The usual failure on the starter clutch is bolt shearing, so don't buy a new unit before you get it apart, you may just need new case hardened bolts and some red loctite.
  5. If the starter motor is turning at all, the relay (solenoid) is fine. I'm betting the starter is/was fine too.

    My money is on you having cooked the battery. The starter pack was just too much for a small battery.
  6. Thans vmax..

    Ive been doing nights this week, and 2day i had a chance and gave the clutch assembly a go..
    Like I said, I have a donor bike.. got the cover off it, got the smaller gear(idleing gear?) but could not get the flywheel off.. tried wedging it w a screwdriver, but it just kept turning.. ](*,) Im sure the ones that know how to are laughing at me right now.. but C'mon.. we usually try the stupid way before we learn the right one, right?? (right...)

    So.. then Ithought.. maybe its turning cause its not in gear, but I ve already removed the gear levers for previous surgery. So I tried n the running bike. Pulled the cover off (that took ages- stupid 25 year old bolts), the small gear (that connects to the starter), and gave it a go..

    I almost dropped the f... bike. (Ihad the front raised between two stands)

    So, after relocating my hyperextended elbow, I accepted the lost battle, put everything back together and will attempt to look for the how to, without braking anything. I WILL FIX IT MYSELF, DAMNIT!!

    Thanks for the help guys..

    Ibast, ifts the battery.. ill definetely stand, chin up, and smack my nuts with a spanner.. just once.

  7. If the starter motor is turning over, it's not the relay or any kill/cut-out switch. It is either the starter itself, a poor connection or the battery.

    The starter swap all but elminates one of those, so be prepared.
  8. Ok.. yesterday after work I tried to jumpstart the bike from the van.. it still whined, but it started a lot easier.. Tookm the battery to where I bought it from, they tested it with one normal tester, and it showed normal charge (12,3 or something) and then this guy brought this other contraption that draws power from it and tests it; if the results stay within a certain margin for a given period of time, it passes or fails. Well mine apparently holds almost double the cranking amps and current under load that its supposed to according to their manufacturers chart.. so it is still a good one. We also cross checked agin that it was the correct unit for the motorcycle, and it was. The alternator is fine, because its charging, bike can run disconnected.

    So.. I guess now its back to the starter clutch.. I don't know if im convincing myself (optimistically) that i've pinpointed the fault and now I just have to fix it.. I reckon I'll have to battle with removing the magnet and the flywheel, so I can get to those damn gears.. "new thread" maybe, eh??

    Thanks very much guys