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starter motor swich on the blink

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by spada stunter, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. i went to start my bike today walked it out to the drive way, got on, put kick stand up.
    then went to start her over and nothing happend :shock: . so i took my gloves of
    and then tried agian, i can here a buzzing/SICK sound :cry: .
    NOT THE NORM SOUND. so wiggled the bike in a fit of rage :mad: . tried it agian. FFS nothing happend :mad:

    thought ok im gunna have to roll strart the SLU% this time.LOCK UP

    then i checked evrything over, wiggled the throttle cable and the other ones in that area. tried it agian then BINGO she was alive. :p :p
    oil was leaking out every were so i thought i would be in a bit of shite now.
    she is real slugish now and is kinda back firing. did i burn out my rings??

    i put preminum in from a new servo for the first time the other day,
    COULD THAT HAVE CAUSED IT?? the petrol?? :(
  2. 1st off sounds like you may have a lose wire up in your starter control box ?

    You haven't stated how many K's you done ?
    have you checked your sump oil level ? is it overfull ?
    if so maybe i needle has stuck overnight and has let fuel flood into one of the cyls and leaked past the rings and overfilled your sump which will course heaps of problems .

    but we'll need alot more info on where and how much oil is leaking out b4 anyone can give you any help without just guessing like i have :)
  3. Spadas are fussy about fuel - I've found they don't like Optimax for instance.

    However they type of fuel won't cause this problem. It's possible that what VTRBob has said could happen but it's pretty unlikely. We really need more information here.

    Exactly where is the oil coming from. Wipe it off and then look to see exactly where it comes from. Check the oil and see if there's a petrol smell.

    The elctrical problem is probably seperate - did you happen to leave your ignition kill switch off - that's what the initial problem sounds like DAMHIK :oops: - but that won't cause the oil.

  4. yes the ignition is turned on. i think it is a loose wire in the control box. my bike just hit the 50k mark.2000kms to a service is due.

    i cleaned all the oil spurts and found out that a lot of shite has gone wrong.

    1. oil spurts on my back wheel thus putting the knee down a death wish.

    2.oil is seaping out of the engine casing, caused by over flow most likely.

    3.its done 50,000k.

    4.my brother said it all started with the carbie because my bike is REAL slugish below 6000rpm.

    5. i can smell burning rubber, wich turned out to be the oil overflow going onto the motor and

    6. i need a gixer k6

    i have pics i took today so email me if you want more info.
  5. gee spada stunter how u get soo many warning and only after 19 post??
    i think take it to a mechanics and then u will get a full resault
    either that or get a K6 gixer :wink:
  6. k6 gixer 600, full black is so sexy. i prefer it more then the 675. allthought its still a good bike

    hey how fast does your gixer go?? cause im sick of cruiser bikes now and i want to get my knee down more. i know a guy in geelong who said when i get my 600 come to him cause he will do me a 1 off deal. he will sell me the bike for as much as he paid for it. thats only like 12500 for a k6 600.
  7. gixer goes too fast lol
    ive toped 190km/h
    but i have been told that it will get up to the 260k mark.. :shock:
    i took it up the the spur on the weekend and to king lake
    and it was a ball
    im still to find the full potential of this bike..... funny enough i dont think i will lol
  8. thats the thing about power well im of to ride, try to fix my bike
  9. it has to be all those stoppies. Must have caused the bike to break. :LOL:
  10. Yep it's a v-twin so doing stoppies is going to force all the oil forward and into the one cylinder :LOL:.