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Starter motor / solenoid?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by port80, May 29, 2009.

  1. When the bike is cold it occasionally fails to fire. I hit the starter and get a ticking noise, more mechanical than electrical. I can keep hitting the starter, but the bike won't kick. If I put the bike in gear, spin the rear wheel (on stand) and put back in neutral the bike will then typically start. Is it a solenoid that's not engaging?

    The battery is a few months old but I'm not sure it's too good. At idle with the indicators on the headlight will dim.

    Tips please.
  2. headlights generally dim when the engine isnt reved.

    see what happens when you jump start it

    if its the starter motor do what racv do, give it a few knocks with the back of the screwdriver and try again
  3. It's the battery terminals. Clean them up and make sure they are well connected. If it still does it after doing that then check the connection at the solenoid and the earth lead to the chassis/engine.
  4. Thanks, makes sense.
  5. pull out the starter, put the clip end to a + bat terminal and the main body to the - terminal, if it spins, the starter is fine, try it a couple of times to make sure its not sticking, while its out open it up and use fine emry paper and clean the armature.

    next connect the solenoid to the starter, but dont put the starter back in, just have the + lead from solenoid on the starter, and rest the starter to the main body of the bike for earth, if it turns when you hit start, the solenoid is also fine

    next step, get a multimeter and check all earth points with no resistance, also check the volts of the bat

    do it in reverce order if you dont want to dive into the hard parts eg you may have to remove a carb to get to the starter

    also start the bike and rev it to see if the volts build up while revving, that shows that the charge system is ok

    my guess is a bad earth point but could be any or all of the above
  6. I would also look at the Pinion Gear on the Starter Motor. Does it "throw out" properly?
  7. Hey Rog, what do you mean by throw out?

    I had a chat to Adam at City West, his theory is the starter is a bit knackerd (to be confirmed after checking battery contacts). Because the starter always stops in one of two spots they wear out. So when I roll the bike a little it's moving the starter into a less worn spot, therefor allows me to start the bike.

    I'll try to have a look at the battery contacts and then take it from there. It's a fooking pain taking 5 minutes to start the bike up.
  8. in this months edition of TWO WHEELS it says for the CBR600F problems Check for lock-wiring!
  9. The starter is now totally rooted. Awaiting for a second hand one (hopefully the right size this time) to be delivered. Had the bike apart and check the electrics, they seem fine.
  10. last starter i got was for my bike for $50 from a mate who owns a wrecker, the normal price is around $150, we rang up suzuki and they quoted $700 for a new one :LOL:
  11. Yep $170 from EMW - great service, but wrong size :(

    $200 from VMW .. if they have one.

    $560 from Honda, four weeks to get it to Aus.
  12. After fcuking about with second hand starter motors I found out that I just wasted $230.

    I borrowed a car and jump leads, connected to the bike batt and the fcuker turns over nicely. That's the third battery in 2 year. Think me might want to replace the reg rec.
  13. Maybe you dropped a magnet in your stator, have you opened it up and taken a look
  14. I haven't. But will do. Haven't had time to scratch or sleep the past couple of weeks.