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Starter bikes/gear. three different dealers. the story

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by i.d.g.a.f, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. in the last week and a bit iv made a visit to toowoomba honda, toowoomba kawasaki and boyd yung suzuki (toowoomba).

    all three had different opinions about the "learners needs". im not going to point fingers.


    one recommended the cheaper products because im only a highschool student (where's the logic in that...)

    the second recommended i spend as much money on protective gear as i possibly could with my budget.

    and the third recommended i spend more money on helmets and boots, as they're the statistically most injured areas in motorcycle incidents.

    two out of these three tried the hard sell on big expensive brand names (shoei, alpinestars, joerocket etc) simply because of their profit.

    the third genuinely based his sales pitch on what he honestly thought were my needs (ok im going to name names in this instance. jeff at toowoomba kawasaki. he really is the best salesman iv ever done business with if your in the region go to him for anything). knowing that i was in fact a first timer and a learner, he explained every feature of the gear i was looking at. and the differences in brands and what i was really paying for.

    bikes :

    one suggested i buy the cheapest heap of crap i could find, ride it for a year and then sell it to a wrecker....financially helpful.....unfortunately vanity and pride gets the better of me.

    the second suggest i buy something modest, keep it for a commuter. and buy a 600 for a weekend fanger. which is a likeable idea

    and the third (jeff from kawasaki once again) suggested i buy the most popular bike as to have the highest resale price, and buy exactly what i want after im off restrictions.

    so the end result of my week of bike/gear shopping has resulted in my wanting to buy everything through jeff. but id like the opinions of forum members on these bikes

    if you have any experience with these bikes could you possibly list pro's/con's, common problems etc

    honda VTR250
    kawasaki zzr250
    kawasaki zx2r

    these are the only bikes that im considering (looked at hornets, intruders, spada's, balius's, zeal's).

    any help would be appreciated (gawd am i long winded or what)
  2. Any reason for only those three bikes???, they are all very different bikes with very differnt riding positions.

    As for the riding gear get the best you can afford to get remembering that later down the track you will keep the better gear even after you get a new bike whereas the cheaper stuff you will have to replace more often because the quality will not be as good.
  3. consider buying some of your gear elsewhere. Motorbike shops are expensive, i bought the same gear as the shop for 1/8th the price.

    How big are you - do you fit on those bikes?

    Why ahve you discounted all the other bikes in that list, i would reverse your lists :) Why is Susuki Bandit missing from your list?
  4. before i went to kawasaki i was definately buying my gear from a few different places. but after talking to jeff seeing his range and seeing the difference in prices im buying everything through him.

    the bikes iv listed appeal to me, spada's and bandits etc dont for some reason.

    i sat on around 15 bikes today (couldnt sit on a zzr250 or zx2r) i can flat foot with one leg on the vtr250. and can flat foot with one leg on a hayabusa and gsxr 1000. they seem to be around the same seat heights as the zx2r and zzr.
  5. Um...salesperson number 2 is on the money in regards to gear...Mate you're let me tell you, you aren't going to look real good with the gravel rash from hell....

    I ride around in over 4 grand worth of protective gear - because I want to give myself the best chance of survival in an off - or even just prevent gravel rash etc....

    You don't have to spend quite that much - but you should at least buy good boots (sales person 3 is right there), good helmet that is light and fits well, a good cordura or leather jacket with armour, and draggin' or leather pants, and damn good gloves - if you have any change over buy a back protector...

    Are you buying new? What sort of riding do you think you will do? As already said those 3 bikes are quite different in many ways....Without knowing that it is hard to make any recommendation...

    Also have you ridden dirt bikes as a (younger) kid?

  6. Do you recommend the back protector even for just touring around and commuting to work, or only for street racer types?
  7. Oh and if you know your sizes you could buy from here if you are after "low prices":


    DON'T buy a helmet there tho - you must buy one of those here with an AS sticker...And besides a helmet is the sort of thing that fit etc requires you to go into a shop and try on 50 of them...

  8. An accident happens anywhere, anytime.....to anyone....

    The question you should ask youself is if you get knocked off and slide into a street light (at low speed, coz at high speed you're dead) would you rather hit it with a back protector or without?

  9. im buying the whole kit and kaboodle safety gear wise. what i meant is to make sure to buy the best possible boots and helmet. without neglecting everything else. a simple list of what im buying total

    pants (draggins and motodry)
    disk lock
    tank bag
    back protector (the full back type)

    as for the type of riding im doing, it'll be mostly commuting, trips from toowoomba to brisbane (180km's) every 2 or 3 weeks. and rides around the region on weekends.

    and riding positions dont really bother me. the sport bike stoop is obviously not suited to long rides.

    the only problem i have is atm is with seat heights, im not a short person (about 170cm), but i have short legs. and find it hard to swing my leg over a tall bike (almost kicked over a triumph daytona 675 this morning =[ )
  10. so has anyone got opinions on the bikes that I like. or just opinions on my choice of bike .....
  11. Based on the size thing - looks like a VTR250 unless you want to have your suspension modded a tad - in which case the ZZR250 would be the go for the sort of riding you expect to do...

    My missus has a VTR250 - she is 5'3" and does fine....

    Did you really want to buy new?

  12. id prefer to. but if a 2nd hand zx2r in good nick at a good price comes my way....

    vtr250 is the only naked 250 i like the look of
  13. Hey...you sure you can't sit on a ZZR250??? Coz I just looked up the seat height and it is 760mm. The VTR seat height is 780mm.....

    Sometimes the seat width does have an impact - but if that is the case often a motor trimmer can remove some padding on the sides...

    If want to spend the money then the ZZR250 is a good bet if you want to keep it a tad longer than the P period...

  14. if i can afford it im going to be off the 250 the day after im off restrictions.

    thats why the zzr250 is in the list. its the type of bike i want. good seat height. its a kwaka and reliable so far as iv heard

  15. Oooh, sorry to be off topic. You saw a 675?? Didn't know any were in Oz for demo (yet).
  16. I know you've discounted the Spada, but its basically a VTR250 (only better :p *ducks*) but it is a bit smaller, thus you should be more comfortable on it. Hornet posted a great thread the other day with links to somebody that has mods for the bars to make them more VTR250 like. Also Spada's are about $1-2k cheaper which will leave more money in the budget for gear.
  17. Hi, I had a ZZR250 to learn on... an older one, 13 years old. It was great to learn on, never missed a beat, was good on the long trips as well as commuting, and of course, as you pointed out, it is a kwaka :D When it came time to sell, it sold in about three days on ebay, with 58k on the clock. They are popular little bikes.

    All three bikes you listed will have a pretty good resale on them I think, the VTR is a very nice looking bike! The ZZR, being faired, will give you a bit of wind protection, etc, on longer trips than the VTR. Also ZZR has six gears, VTR only 5 (if memory serves...)

    I don't really know anything about the ZX2R - they look good, but I don't know anyone who has had one. Aren't they all grey imports? (apparently a bad thing for insurance)?

    I'm about 175cm tall and sat on the ZZR with my feet flat and my legs bent! I thought they were quite low seated.

    Anyway, whichever bike you choose, you will love.
  18. Hey dude, I'm guessing your nick is short for "I Don't Give A F__k", noice!

    Your gear choice looks pretty sound.

    My only advice would be that if your keen on getting rid of the 250 as soon as you can, you'd be silly to buy new. Stick with te 3 bikes that you ike, but go find a 5-10 y/o model and save your mokeys for the dream bike.