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Started Motovlogging.

Discussion in 'Video Logging' started by Rolkus, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. #1 Rolkus, Sep 25, 2012
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    Yes, we'll I started ages ago, and only just began to upload.

    You can view my first video: [media=youtube]eWplPRbuwy8[/media]

    I do it for fun, while I explore on my DRZ.

    I had originally planned to name it MikeOnASupermoto, but I've come to the decision that I will be upgrading next year, possibly not to another Supermoto.

    First two vids I stack it. But I have had heap of fun. Still got about 7 more videos to upload this week, including a huge 20 one.

    Appreciate feedback, and heck, subscribe and spread the word!
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  2. New video!
  3. Cool. :) I watch Accidental Broadcast and TheGardenSnake, and yeah, Jake pretty much convinced me to get a DRZ400SM too.

    I just finished my motovlogging setup, but haven't got any actual vlogging done yet.

    Nice catch on that hill. Novice hooliganism is better than no hooliganism at all.
  4. Awesome Ruku, should hook up for a ride sometime!
  5. Nice.. Subbed..

    I bet you're gonna cop some shit for riding where you did. Doesn't bother me, I loved it.. something different.. :D

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  6. Sounds good, though being on opposite sides of the city makes it hard!

    After watching ep1 I decided to do some dirt road stuff for the first time (while vlogging, too!). It was so scary on the road tyres. I can't imagine grassing it with my tyres.

    Once mine are worn out, I am planning on getting some Avon Distanzias for a bit of gravel/dirt action.
  7. Riding on footpaths! Won't be inviting you along to anymore Tuesday night learner rides. :bolt:
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  8. :angel:

    Least I am in a more secluded area! [-(
  9. what are you going to upgrade to ?
  10. good to see other vloggers
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  11. subscribed
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