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Started lane filtering today, advice?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by stillevil, May 6, 2016.

  1. G'day mates,

    I'm a very very green rider - just about 2 months and still have my L plates on but the more I ride the bolder I become. Unfortunately can't do anything with that. Today I told myself I've had enough waiting in the lines and it is going to be the day when I actually start filtering.

    I also have no friends who ride motorcycle and there's no one to give advice. Hopefully I can find it here.

    I had 3 situations today with 2 of those related to filtering which I now consider a norm for myself but I would like to ask veteran riders if you would do anything different (what exactly?) if you encountered the following situations or would you do exactly the same as I did?

    Situation #1. Using "Turn left" lane to get ahead of the cars in the right lane at the lights:

    Situation #2. How would you behave if the events started developing like at the end of this video at the traffic light or would you act differently from the beginning:

    Situation #3. Just usual filtering. If any comments please go ahead:

  2. I would avoid using turning lanes for filtering, because what would you do if the arrow goes green while the straight is red? I'm also a noob, though, so what do I know lol.

    Nice '16 R3 btw! I have the matte grey. (y)
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    If the straight is red and the left is green I usually cross the stop line, pull in front of cars in the right lane and stop before or after pedestrian crossing.
  4. On the first Didn't see anything wrong with it, mind you I have no idea of the legalities of it. Seen it done plenty of times done it once or twice myself.

    On number two the road seems to tighten up quickly at the start so unless your real sure and comfortable Id be waiting till it widened again or your skill confidence improved.
    At the end of number two just beware of the wanna be jet pilots in their chevydores and falcomas who see it as a challenge to their manhood and gun it to cut you off.

    Number 3 looked ok to me
  5. If you ask about legalities, the road rules were breached on all 3 videos including lane filtering which is not allowed for L/P plate riders.
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  6. Not meaning this as a preaching comment but just be wary that as you're still on your L's, it's technically illegal for your to filter until you're on an unrestricted license. Just be careful if you see plods about if you do end up filtering.

    1) I'd avoid filtering from the left and left hand turn lanes, to continue going straight on a left turn lane is again illegal (not preaching).
    2) What I do if I filter is that if the traffic starts to move I indicate if possible (sometimes it's not) and find a nice space to slip into and then wait until the traffic has stopped again. I know that you can filter if the speed is under 30km/h but I like to have the cars stationary in front of me so that I know they're not going to move across on me because of various cager reasons.
    3) I don't filter past trucks, I like to give them lots of space.
    4) If the traffic is flowing and there's only a few cars in front of me at the lights I'll often not filter, mainly because most times I'm not in any hurry to get to my destination.
    5) Other than that just use your common sense, if the gap looks a bit narrow then don't filter, and if you decide to pull into a gap and stop at lights, give other possible riders behind you a chance to get into a save zone.

    EDIT: Just saw you legality post, all good :D
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  7. As long as you accept the risks of being fined. Just filter up the turn lane and sit in front of the car
  8. +1 for not filtering past moving trucks
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    and potential insurance issues if you stack it while filtering on L's, bein' illegal and all... :p

    also consider how pissed off people may get when they see an L plater filtering.

    3 looked ok

    2 was a dumbarse blasting past from a turning lane :p
    if the driver in left (continuing lane) had sped up, he'd be f#cked and in the wrong.

    1 was a dumbarse as the road paint clearly said turning lane unless you are a bus... but hey, it's your licence ;)
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  10. Nice try but I didn't ask how "dumbarse" it was. Do you really think I don't get that it was kinda dangerous? The actual question was what would you do differently. Something tells me I already know :)

    And by the way, my motorcycle is not insured against accidents, lol. If I f$%k it, I'll take all responsibly. It is not expensive anyway. Although I have full 3rd party property damage insurance.
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  11. not filter in turning lanes? :p but then I can filter legally so... I may as well try not to piss off people around me and give riders a bad image ;)

    I think you should do whatever you want, hang the consequences! :) take the gap, gun it when you can't.. live life to the fullest :p
  12. All your splitting, is way to slow...
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  13. when in doubt, gas it
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  14. Looked all right to me. If I get in a tight spot i just shut my eyes and gun it out anyway.
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  15. sorry dude but in your opening post you said
    that kind of means that you were requesting feedback so no fair getting upset when someone with more experience critiques your actions. if on restricted licence you'd do better to follow all road rules as there are plenty of unmarked cop cars around and everyone has a camera looking to make a name for themselves by outing rule breaking riders.

    whatever you decide be safe and trust no-one in a cage.
  16. You want an opinion, "Accident waiting to happen" is what comes to mind.
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  17. Using the dedicated turn lanes can fraught with unpleasant surprises.
    Slow it down, buffer away from the queued vehicles so you have plenty of warning to see that one car that just realised they want to turn off and pulls out.
    Remember gaps = traps.
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  18. Something else to be wary of is when traffic is moving at 30km an hour and you are filtering through an intersection I can guarantee that you are going to get some moron changing lanes mid intersection even though they should be travelling along within the same lane space they left at the start of the intersection.
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  19. Good to see you using a camera from the getgo. Sometimes thats enough to stop a situation going further. Then there are the odd times it has the oppisite effect...
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