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Start ya ba*tard!!!

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by mr_sikma, Jan 8, 2006.

  1. Hey,

    I havent ridden my scooter (50cc Jolie) for about a month or more, and it wont start by the electric start.

    This has happened before and i just kicked started it. It took a bit but eventually went.

    I am now trying to start it again and it just wont go. can i jump start it off a car battery?

  2. not sure on the jump start. do you have surge protectant leads?? Would hate for you to kill it..
  3. i only have everyday car jumper leads!

    thats why i am asking to make sure i dont kill it!
  4. Dont risk it !! sorry mate your gonna have to take the battery out and charge it. Also would be good to get it checked just incase its stuffed. Looks like you and the sigma tomorrow champ..
  5. nah sigmas off the road. blown head gasket!

    i have a 2004 barina, so its all good ;)

    its only 3mnths old and done 500kms.

  6. yeah go for it !! can you video tape the attempt ? plllllleaaaase
  7. I'm guessing the scooter's carburetted? If so there really shouldn't be any electronics that could be affected by a surge so the only risk is to the car - disconnecting the battery from the car before jump starting should solve this problem.
  8. Hey never thought of that.. :oops: so used to everything in my garage being injected..
  9. well whats that guy above going on about? (rumpytrumpy)

    the battery on my sigma is d/c
  10. mines got a dead battery aswell. wasnt ridden for a month. just started riding it again. kick start her every time now. crank her on the elec start then kick her over starst up fine.

    but i only ride short distances really need to take it out for a 20-30 minute ride to charge the battery properly.
  11. The only danger with jump starting comes from trying to draw power from a running engine which can create surges. If you simply jumpstart the scooter from a charged car battery (or one of those jumpstart packs they sell at auto stores - very handy thing to have) then it's no different to using the scooter's own battery to start.

  12. would be interested in seeing the results on video ..... you never know you could make yourself some money on funniest home videos , is the scoot 12v also ?
  13. thats what i thought!

    why kickstart it if you can just press a button?
  14. does it make a difference?

    why be a wanker about it? you already have 2 warnings? dont you learn?
  15. ok no worries go ahead , try it .... was a valid question
  16. Highly unlikely that your scooter would be 6v, there were some 6v cars (and presumably bikes) a few decades ago but pretty much everything now is 12v. If in doubt check you battery or just whip out one of the globes (indicator, headlight whatever) and see if it has a voltage rating.
    Edit: Oh and hooking up a 12v power supply to 6v electrics is not a good thing (been there, done that :oops: - damn early volkswagons).
  17. come on genius, what will happen?

    i tried it then and it fired straight up.

    too cold to go for a ride right now, so i will do it again 2mrw ;)
  18. you are callin me genious ?? im not the one stupid enough to not check 1st if it was 6 volt , if it was you would have had some serious problems, if it was so easy to try it in the 1st place why would you bother asking stupid questions ? why dont you just put it down to dumb luck this time
  19. just incase ;)

    what would happen if it was a 6 volt?

    you must have tried if you know?!?
  20. A simple demonstration is to hook a 6v globe up to a 12v power supply (done this a few times by mistake), you'll find that it glows really bright for a very brief moment then burns out. Now just imagine most of the electrical components on your scooter doing more or less the same thing (fuses may offer some protection but don't count on it).