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Start up cost

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by tmwt, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. Im looking at buying a Sachs Madass 50cc and just trying to work out what the extra costs are going to be on top of the bike itself.

    Can someone give me a rough estimate for the following and anything else important I may have missed:
    - Helmet
    - Jacket
    - Rego (Qld)
    - Insurance


  2. cheap helmet 130-200
    depends on what type of jacket you want 200-300
    rego+ctp 200-400
    insurance probably as much as the bike itself. for a cbr250rr and a crf450x i got quoted 4g a year plus a 500 premium that was the cheapest.
    and you will need gloves. 50-200
  3. The madass is cheap insurance hard to break that thing.
  4. You left out boots which are really essential. Ankle injuries rate high.
    As for a Jacket, in Qld you'd possibly need both a summer and winter jacket. Far better to have something you will wear in summer than one that you won't wear because it is too hot. I'd consider a mesh jacket for hot days and one with more protection for the rest of the year.
    Also consider pants with tear resistance and knee and hip protection or, at least, kevlar jeans with possible added knee and hip protection. Pants can be around $150.

    Is it single or dual seat? If dual consider a single seat conversion which would halve your CTP component of rego. Around $200 but you'll recover it in 2 years.

    You'll have stamp duty tp pay with first rego.

    Also consider that the bike itself might need some work. It might just be a regular maintenance but might also go a bit further. Make allowances for it.
  5. Thanks guys.

    Thinking of going with full insurance due to the cheap cost of the bike. Will stick with just CTP.

    Cheers for the other info
  6. You need to get a new helmet, but dont be afraid to look on flee-bay for some second hand gear like jacket/ boots/ even gloves..
    You can get some good gear cheap.
  7. +1.

    When I first started riding I bought a new helmet and new gloves, the rest of the gear I bought from Cash Converters or the Op Shop. Oh the reason for new gloves is that I couldn't find and 2nd hand ones.

    As for insurance at least get 3rd party property, at least then if you hit a Ferrari you are covered.