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Start and End of Motorcycle journey

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ohmkar, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. Been a lurking and benefiting from the experiences of others over the last 2 years. Most of the time haven't had much to say. In recollecting the last 18mths, I decided to share the journey and experience I have had.

    18mths ago, haven't never ridden a motorcycle but having always wanting to learn to ride one. At 42, its not too late. So signed up for my Ls and took the test and got a bike.

    The research took a couple of weeks, looking at all the reviews, opinions and weighing my own thoughts and feelings. Had whittled it down to the Street Triple 660, Monster 659 and the MT07. Having looked at all three. I choose the MT07. Reasons was of price to performance ratio. I could be wrong but in my mind performance was 660 > MT07 >659 vs Price 660>659>07. So looking at all the pros and cons (had done a little spreadsheet!!) went to the local Yamaha dealer and signed up for a white MT07
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  2. Welcome to the forum and your delurking. The MT07 is a great bike. Yamaha seem on the top of their form over the past few years. Hope to see you posting more. (y)
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    Experience with the MT07

    It was a fun bike to ride. The first couple of weeks, practiced almost 3/week around the neighbourhood and also at the local carpark doing some slow manoeuvres. Had my first spill with no damage on one of the days due to being tired and taking a figure 8 too slowly....... Thankfully it was the only spill I have had since!
    The next 8 months were really good. Had many a long ride in Adelaide hills. Buzzing around. The bike was light, easy to ride, very forgiving. Wanting you to push it.
    There were no issues during my ownership of the bike. Did about 2.5k on it.
    By now I was wanting to try a different style of bike. Wasn't sure if a cruiser maybe to my liking.
    I always had a soft spot for the Indian Scout. Thought it was a beautiful looking bike. So decided to trade in my MT07 for a Yamaha XVS650 (still on restricted). Thinking that if I had a feel of both styles, would be able to make a better decision when I upgraded on getting my full licence.

    Experience with XVS650

    After a painless swap over with the same local dealer to the XVS650. The bike look good. Classic style looking cruiser. Looks a lot bigger then the engine capacity suggest. The ride home was an experience. Was not comfortable with the riding position and it did not respond like the MT07.
    Like the previous bike, spent the next couple of weeks practicing on it. It was an interesting experience. Had to take things slower and to anticipate a lot earlier. The bike took a while to respond. The V Twin engine gave the rides a very guttural feel, almost primitive.......
    Did all the same rides in the Adelaide hills over the next 3 months. Enjoyed the difference in the rides. The bike encouraged you to take things slower, more casual.......
    Tried very hard the like the bike over the 3 months, but in the back of my mind, I missed the MT07. Took it for rides but would get back home feeling a little ?cheated.......

    Summary of the journey

    A year into the motorcycle journey, I also got involved in mountain biking. Did that on the weekends as well. Enjoyed many a rides on various tracks. Had a few spills and bruises to show for it. Went on a MTB course to learn some of the basic skills. Enjoyed to fact that it involved every part of your being both physically and mentally to be in the moment.

    Evaluating the motorcycle experience, I realised that what I enjoyed was the feeling of freedom and oneness that you get when riding and being in the moment. But there was something missing for me that I seemed to get from the MTB.
    Took a while to figure out the reason. It appears even though the motorbike had the freedom and oneness, it was marred by the gear I had to wear and the fact that there were other road users that I really had to not only look out for but anticipate the stupid move! This sort of took out some of joy of riding. During the MTB though it was all about me doing the hard work going up and down the hill, there was very little to separate me from the environment. There was little to distract me from the moment. The ride was about me, the bike and the environment. The feel of the flow seems to come from inside...........

    So reevaluating my goals, I have decided to hang up my motorcycle gear and spend the time and effort on the MTB. I enjoyed the motorcycle journey. Glad I did it, It got rid of the itch, taught me many things about being with the moment.

    To everyone, thank you for your thoughts and experiences. It allowed me to find my way over the last 18mths. Take care and have a safe ride

    Thank you Chris. Unfortunately the delurking was to give back a little before I move on to other interest. Will hang around the next month to answer any question if I can and hopefully be of some use to other.

    A final note on the XVS650 vs MTO7 (Cruiser vs Naked)

    Its probably clear to most people. But here is my take on the above. I drive a four wheel drive and my wife has a small sports car. When I ride my 4wd, I usually drive it slowly, chilled and enjoy the environment. Where else driving my wife's car alway brings the speed demon in me, cornering a lot faster, speeding from the traffic lights...... makes me smile and feel naughty at the same time!
    Thats exactly how I feel about the cruiser vs the naked. The MT07 was an excellent ride did everything right. Made me smile and egged me on. Looked forward to the rides. I was more engrossed on the ride then the view around me........
    The XVS650 was not that. It was like a 4wd, slow, comfortable (except after an hour my butt hurt like hell!!, surprisingly did not get that with the MT07. was able to move around more on it.....) The plus point was that I was engaged with the view a lot more. The ride did not seem the primary focus.

    Overall 2 very different rides and experiences. It boils down to what do you want from the ride??
  4. So you are giving riding away?
  5. Yes Chris. It was a balance of wants/needs/time and joy! Thanks for asking.
  6. Adventure bike !!!!!!!
    I also do the mtb thing, I know what you mean. Seriously, think about trail riding or an Adventure bike...... you can get to some amazing places, with all the challenges.
    However, goodluck in your future ventures, as one day you may get the urge again.
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  7. Dubbo, I have left that avenue open! There is a trip up North that does a dirt bike travel/camp that is on my bucket list. So its not all written off. Maybe a project for next year......
    Trust me it was hard not to look at getting one. Thank god I'm on restricted till the end of the year. So will revisit it next year when I can get something decent...........
  8. Interesting..

    Hope the future endeavours are more exciting for you..

    All the best
  9. I do both too, would struggle without either. I love the differences they offer me. I love not having to pedal up fcuking enormous off-road hills. But hey, we're all different so enjoy your journey.
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  10. I too am looking at the 660, 659 and mt07. But as my second bike.
    Did 10k on my R3 before I killed it.

    Tough to pull the trigger on the 660 at $14k but it's certainly a front runners for me so far. Hard to get used to the tiny throttle travel though. It's virtually on or off.

    A dozen broken bones made me give up downhill MTB. Still got the impressions in my shin bone from a fun day at Mt Buller.
  11. Welcome and goodbye. Glad you enjoyed your ever so brief flirtation with motorcycling.

    Although there is one thing I'm wondering. Would you have made the same decision had you kept the MT07? I suppose even you can't really answer that.
  12. iGolf, the 660 is a logical choice on paper, but from an emotive point it was the 659 or the 07 for me. The feel of the MT07 was excellent (don't forget it was my first bike..... so like a first love it may be coloured......) Well hopefully I don't collect to many (if any!) broken bones from MTB.............
    b12mick, I probably may have kept the MT07 even if I decided I may only ride occasionally or maybe upgrade next year. Who knows. Just know that cruisers is not for me at this point in time.
  13. Several times I have thought about selling the bikes and moving on to other things. Apart from a 5 min round trip commute over 4 years when I moved away from Sydney, I did almost no riding despite having to bikes in the garage. I finally moved back to Sydney, and now I have those same 2 bikes as well as another, and I just find that if I think about moving on, I know I will regret it. Many of us will do this until we are too old to do it anymore, and I think I'm one of them.
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  14. Mixing here motorcycling and MTB... Too much fun on either and not giving up any! The only problem is weekends are too short
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  15. The thought of stopping has never crossed my mind, I started riding when I was about 7 and have never looked back.
    For me it's almost spiritual, pulled me out of depression and occupies my thoughts daily.
    The day I stop is the day I die, and not a moment sooner.

    I think the cruiser soured you, I hate riding them too, reconsider when you get the full license.
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  16. GunstarHero, I do feel the cruiser did sour it. Will see how I feel in a years' time once I have my full license........