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Starider Kevlar Jeans

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by gaban, Oct 8, 2013.

  1. So, I'm slowly building up my riding gears and since the cost could really add up (especially when you're also buying a bike), I really went around and tried finding the best value gears that I could. :oops:

    Starider currently runs a promo on their website where you could get 2 jeans for $200 + $15 shipping. I decided to give them a try.

    Note: I'm not in any way affiliated or associated with Starider but I'm hoping that someone could benefit from my experience as I did when reading posts by others.

    The Product
    $200 for 2 jeans, I was not expecting much, just something that I could wear during my commute to hopefully protect me in the unfortunate event if and when I have to slide on the tarmac. I change when I get into work anyway so if I have to be slightly uncomfortable during my short ride, so be it. I was pleasantly surprised as it was really comfortable to wear, especially when I ordered my actual size and not bigger. I'm horizontally challenged (aka fat) so I was really worried that it wouldn't fit.

    Yet to ride in it, since I only got it today, but I may share my thoughts after a week or so in them.

    The Experience
    I bought it online on their Starider website on 29th Sept 2013. It was stated on the website that delivery will be within 3 working days after payment was cleared. It was only last Friday (a full week after I placed my order) that I was informed (when I called) that the business owners are on holiday and will send my order on Saturday. I understand that it is a small business, but it would be great if such delay are made known on the website (or via email) so customers know what to expect.

    All in all, I'm happy with the product but would probably time my next purchase to not coincide with any school holidays.

    Some pics below ...





  2. Looks like good coverage with the kevlar. Is it heavy/thick? My own experience with Kevlar is Aldi and Resolute but have seen a friends Kevlar jean, which was a name brand (can't remember, started with S - maybe Sartso?) where the kevlar seemed unusually thin, thinner than my budget Aldi pants. Mind you, worked when he hit the road one time at low speed (30KM/H), which is all you need. He did wish he had knee pads on at the time though...
  3. Sorry mate, it's my first jeans so I can't give a good comparison regarding the thickness. But I would say that the Kevlar is as thick/thin as a tea towel.

    I wore it at work today and have to say that it's comfortable enough that I forgot about it.