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Starider Full Kevlar Stretch Denim Jeans

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by kiet88, Dec 14, 2009.

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  2. I have a pair and they are comfy as, not crash tested them and don'e ever want to but for the price theey seem to be a great product.
    I also have a pair of the camos but the canvassy ones not the more plasticky type.
    Comfy as.
  3. They dont seem to have womans stretch jeans? only a relaxed fit pair :S
    Ive been looking for a treandy pair of kevlar jeans for close to 3 months now....why is everything so Ugly & done in a 70's style?

    All i want is one half decent looking pair of comfortable riding pants...
  4. because low cut jeans won't save you in a slide....get leather woman's ass look great in em anyway (y)
  5. I dont want low cut jeans Stewy ...( thats a common prob with many i try on, get in a riding position and my whole arse hangs out..no thanks)

    Im after a nice looking pair of STRETCH jeans thats all..

    I have leather pants, and i look like i have no arse in them... They are too big ( needed the extra length in the leg so had to get a size up from the ones that fitted better ) so i have to roll them over at the top, this gives them a very unflattering pucker at the stomach making me look 5 months up the duff lol They are extremely comfortable tho hence why i bought them....They just arent very flattering.
  6. Sars, have you tried Slix yet?

  7. No haven't cam,
    Have they a store in Melb? I need to be able to try them on so i cant really buy online..
  8. i think the slix's cam referring to are draggins..

    so anyone else with these star rider jeans?
  9. They are fine wear well and have kevlar in the right places.