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stargate is back this friday (saturday)

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Dante, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. finally after months of waiting cant wait for season 10 of sg1 and stargate atlantis season 3.

    season 3 of the new battlestar starts october 6th

  2. Yeah, now all we need is new Firefly.

  3. Ho hum, at least that's something to watch. SG-1 seems to have lost the plot, Atlantis is better. I'm hanging for new Battlestars!
  4. Hang on when did season 2 air ?

    As for stargate while surfing around last friday night @ some godly
    hour it was on. NO idea what was goin on who was who.
    Like jbray said totaly lost the plot.

    Havnt seen anything on Atlantis.
  5. yeah ok if your just watchin what is aired on australian TV with stargate, i have to tell you they are 'out of sync'

    they aired an episod last year where they first met claudia black who plays vala mal-der-an that ep was to tie in with atlantis and atlantis air 2 seasons out of sync with sg1.

    i really enjoyed season 9 of stargate.

    new battlestar has been almost 1.5 years since it was on tv here in oz.
  6. Ok maybe where you are but only saw season 1 of new battlestar last year
    Damn regional TV programing.

    Havnt seen SG-1 since they moved it from a decent hour god knows how long ago. so all that you rattled off means ZIP to me :LOL:
  7. Broadband internet and all the right connections = all the good shows at your convenience, not Channel 9/7/10's ;)
  8. exactly.

    its my understanding that they also shown firefly out of sequence.

    you can generally find out what eps you missed out on if you go to scifi dot com actually they have battlestar free to download there i think.
  9. those 2 new eps, fantastic.
  10. Noticed Claudia Black is now listed as a regular cast member in the title sequence of SG-1. Good stuff, she'll definitely help prop the show up a bit. Didn't realise she's an Aussie. While they're at it and replacing the originals who look to be getting a bit tired lately, they should bring back Corin Nemec (Jonas Quinn) and piss off Michael Shanks :)
  11. Both Claudia Black & Ben Bowder were in Farscape, when I saw SG1 on other week as mentioned above lol first thing that came to mind was ' did bloody farscape & sg1 merge'

    Claudia Black was also in Pitch Black.
    Yep knew she was aussie
  12. What?!?!?! Corin Nemec (Jonas Quinn) is almost as annoying and wooden as Pedrosa.
  13. in the epp last year with the ori supergate , carter makes mention of the extra backup singer.. claudia replies 'i realise im not a member of your stargatey club' funny shit.

    wasnt sure if they were going to get rid of judd, and replace him with one of the warriors of the sudan. id like to see laurence fishburn get a regular role. im pretty sure judd would like a better role than just saying 'INDEED'

    and that new doctor ..hmm hmm.