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Starcraft II

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by conspiracytheorist, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. OK so who's got it?

    Feel free to add me ingame :]
  2. Been working nightshift this week.
    Plan to pick it up today when i wake up.

    I hope its worth the hype, ive been hanging out for this one for a while.
  3. Housemate just got a new PC and has been trying to convince me to buy it to play it with him. I haven't been into an RTS since C&C Generals but I've always been curious about the whole Starcraft scene. Might pick it up on the weekend.
  4. Will be installing tonight.
    cant wait - played the Beta and was impressed with the way they tweaked the matchmaking. At the start it was pwn city but towards the end I was matched against players of similar ability (ie useless...)
  5. Tempted to get it just to be one of the cool people, but (1) I've never been great at RTS and (2) I much preferred Supreme Commander 1's autonomy and overarching strategic-level management to Starcraft and Command & Conquer's small-scale skirmishes with hectic micromanagement.

    Convince me! :)

    At least the first game centres around the Terrans, who were my favourite 'back in the day'.
  6. there is hectic micro, for sure, but you also have to be able to manage your macro by observing what the other player is focusing on and starting early to counter their units (in multiplayer).

    or you could just zerg rush.

    The unit composition is quite cool in SC2 - and I like them better than C&C tiberium wars IMO (no a bad game in itself).

    online play is cool too. I've not tried campaign yet (doing that tonight).

  7. So... how does SC2 match up against SC1??
  8. I'll get it pretty soon Phiz, at the moment it's a bit difficult with my left arm being a little useless.
  9. Dick smith electronics are doing it for $70 with free delivery prez ;) Hope the arm is healing nicely.

    Thoughts so far is that the matching system seems good - although I did somehow fluke enough wins in a row to stumble into gold league game, where I prompty got pwned by beta players. Yes theres alot of very nuts players who have already been playing it for months and know it backwards.. but the ranking system should counter that.

    The custom maps are where unlimited re-playability is attained through end user development.
  10. WOW.. DSE has it for $70 huh? Actually cheaper than a playasia, first time I've ever seen a shop in Australia selling a game (brand new) cheaper than Playasia. Nice work! May have to get it from DSE myself!

    Check you in game soon I guess ;) I guess my 6core 1055t @ 4.1GHZ won't give me any better quality than a 'basic' dual core hehe. Not to worry, my 6core gives me love with my video encoding :D
  11. go ride a bike you neeeeeeerrrrrrddddsssssssszzzzzzzzzzzzz!
  12. A friend queued at midnight to pick up his copy. I can't get in touch with him so I suspect he has been playing non-stop since then.

    Hopefully I will be able to buy my copy tomorrow. Fingers crossed it isn't sold out already.
  13. I did, that's why I can't play a computer game at the moment :cheeky:
  14. got a few goes of multiplayer in - got my @$$ handed to me every time.

    now I remember why I took off the beta version...
  15. Yep, I was on my way to DSE to buy it but walked past JB hifi who had it as 70 as well so got it there to save the extra 50 metres :)

    I was impressed that my brother's copy arrived bang on the day of release, in the morning. Sent by courier.

    6 core.. niiiice. My quad i7 920 runs it easily on full settings so I dont think you'll have any issues. Man I'd love a 6 or 8 core for vid rendering, I seem to spend far too long waiting for the magic AE 'ding'.
  16. That's the problem. I would have loved SC2 to perform BETTER having 6 cores (compared to my old dual core e8400@ 4.4ghz). I got a naughty version to test it out and I like it very much. Have like a zillion dudes on screen at once with no viewable slowdown at all. Definitely buying it for sure next time I'm near a shop selling it.

    Yeah, this flies when I do video encoding. DVDs (converting heaps of the DVC vids I've made of our daughter, burning a lot onto DVD for my parents to have copies of Cassandra to watch :) ), it's roughly about 200-400% quicker to convert stuff when I use software that uses all 6 cores than my e8400. (8GB RAM has come in handy too. I'm down to 2-3GB free mem when playing SC2, so it may be allocating heaps for cache as I mentioned, I see NO slowdown at all. Hopefully the extra lil bit of $$$ spent for dual channel 8 GB (my heat spreaders were hitting my noctua u12p-se2 HSF so I got another 2 X 2GB RAM dimms without heatspreaders which then gave me dual channel mode. My memory intenstive programs were finishing ~15% quicker! Great improvement)

    I also love having an SSD for general loading time saving and "zippiness" in my OS feel. Only negative is that I could never go back to using a hard drive with Windows ever again. *nix was ok but Windows on a hard drive is definitely 'slow' compared to now!
  17. Thats interesting, what SSD are you using? I never thought to use anything other than high speed RAID :)
  18. I use a patriot torqx, Not the 'highest rated' of SSDs but at the time, it was the only SSD I could get in the area that wasn't the lowest end of SSDs or cost a small fortune. Still, SSDs rock due to the random read/write as most computer stuff is "small reads here and there", they really come into their own when you load day to day stuff in Windows as they load *instantly*. They reaaaallllly make a computer feel many times quicker to use, probably the lowest cost way to get maximum "speed increase" these days when one has a computer of good specs of CPU, RAM + video card and wanting to still improve it without spending a small fortune :)

    I'm done with spending $$$ on my PC, I'm currently spending 3-7 hours every week or so getting tattooed again to finish off my leg sleeve (right leg is done, finishing off the left finally!) so money is going to that and since I can't work full time due to my nerve damage (and pain), I like to budget my spending so I'm still able to save money :angel:

    x6 1055t @ 4.1ghz, 8gb RAM, USB3 motherboard, gtx 275 oc'ed 30% up I think it is, will be enough until the next gen video cards come out, just as long as they fix the "tessellation bugs" (basically current crop of video cards, at least it was with all ATI 5XXX series when I last checked a few weeks/months ago) that they all fall to their knees when utilising tessellation graphic "eye candy". So I hope the next gen fix it as tessellation looks to be the next big thing (i.e new reason that makes last gen computers somewhat redundant, the viscous never ending cycle that is computers + games heh).

    But for now, I see no need to buy a beefier video card as my current one plays most if not all games at maximum settings nicely on the eye for me for games that are GPU dependent :)
  19. I picked mine up at JB Hi-fi for $69 a couple of days ago and been playing the campaign missions. I really liked SC1 due to the storyline and was hanging for the second part...and so far the storyline is pretty good :D. Not much of an online/multiplayer, I am bad at multi tasking...I always lose track when I am focusing on attacking I forget to build a new army and get raped when they counter.

    I tried playing online last night against some dude from Singapore. There was a bit of lag but at some point I think it was so bad that the other player was hanging and left the game leaving me with my first default win haha. It was an on par match...got to love reapers sneaking behind enemy lines to kill their supply :D

    The only thing I hate about it at the moment is the fact that I can't play offline. I have done the whole authorization thing through battle.net but when I went over my parents place without the net, I couldn't play offline even as myself or as a guest. It keeps saying I need to authorize the client. Also you can't make another character...so you're pretty much stuck with one.

    Anyone know a solution in regards to offline play?

    BTW my nickname is phongus in game if you want to add me :)