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Starcom installation - with update

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by peter-reebok, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. I recently won the monthly competition on netrider, and the prize was a starcom system from DMME (use links for details)'

    This weekend, I decided to install it.
    It was as simple as follwing the installation instructions, just find an earth and a power lead, and then mount the connections for the helmets (yep 2 connections).
    I decided to,mount the connections on the side panel, and the whole exercise took me about 20 minutes from start to finish. I have a velcro mountn in the side panel for my ipod, and the system takes only seconds to connect when going for a ride.
    One of the good points is an automatic mute when you talk, and it works ok, just dont cough!.
    Attached are two pics of the install. You would have to look closely at the side panel to find the cables, and I am impressed!.

    After a few weeks using this system, I can recommend it to anyone.
    The sound is very clear, installation was a breeze, and I am looking forward to expanding it to add handsfree for my mobile phone.
    Thanks Dale - Shameless Plug here for DMME. Adds a new dimension to long rides! Makes the miles disapear!

  2. Hey Peter. If you set the vox music mute a little on the high side you can sing to yourself on the songs you like and the auto volume hears you as "noise" and turns the volume up :grin: . The pillion doesn't really enjoy it though :wink:
  3. hey man,

    how these starcoms go? I was looking at them for my Hyosung. Did u have to get a new helmet or do they come with suitable flat speakers/headphones...? Sounds not to hard to install. Congrates on winning your system.

  4. Congratulations on your win, Peter and good work on the installation.... it looks very discreet :wink: :grin: Have fun with it.
  5. The model I was sent was the advance model, which is smaller than the std model, and comes with 2 headphone sets.
    They have open and full face headsets, which consit of 2 speakers (real stereo) and a microphone, which have velcro on the rear face so that they can be fitted to any helmet. I have not noticed any negative change in comfort levels from the std helmet, and the ipod ear buds have been a pain in the past. yep comfortable. retail for each headset is $90, and they come with a style of connector that has its own style of plug, not plug compatible with an ipod. (ie not a 3.5mm jack)
    there is about 250mm of lead hanging down from your helmet, which I just tuck into my jacket if not in use. There is also a coiled extension lead to plug into the socket mounted on the bike.

    The thing is - it works, works well, and is expandable so I can add a CB, GPS, etc and always have everything plugged in.
  6. Congratulations :)

    Looks to be the goods ;)

    Thanks to Dale for donating the prize.