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Star Wars - better than those stupid floating bikes!!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Vivendus, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. Im pretty sure Vader rides a duke...


  2. I dont know but thats a storm trooper.

    Re your profile...did you look up the dictionary in the V category? :p
  3. I've always wanted a imperial scout uniform... and a jetbike... or alight saber to open my beer with!!!! :LOL: drunken jedi stance!!
  4. Best.


  5. Pretty inadequate protective gear :roll:.
  6. But Paul, you're forgetting: Stormtroopers have terrible aim - they can't hit anything :grin:
  7. Oops, you're right :LOL:

    Didn't Princess Leia say "Aren't you a little short for a StormTrooper?"
  8. What you talking about? He has a helmet on, and by the looks of it, its a Dirt Bike helmet; extended and open mouth piece, and a sun visor...
    And it looks like hes got armour on all his other parts too :LOL:

  9. Aaaah, but is it CE approved???

    Wouldn't Vadars cape get caught in the chain???
  10. It's easy to spot a Star Wars nerd when they know it's a scout uniform rather than the regular Stormtrooper uniform!
  11. And if you look closely, a handbag around his/its hip??? WTF!