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Star Trek The Next Generation

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Captn Spock, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Does anyone have the whole series downloaded? :angel:

  2. Did have once but no more.
  3. can show you where to get it.
    but about 130 seeders at best. maybe a month to download, if not longer
    will link if interested
  4. yeah, try usenet.. all on there and fast.. :)
  5. one at a time is fast, but the lot is huge
  6. what, just checked. usenet costs money ?
    the internet is free. has to be free
  7. i agree 100%, but i got sick of warning letters from tpg hehe... and i tend to think of the ~$10 unlimited usenet subscription as being apart of my internet plan. then the next problem was keeping up with storage.. been on a byte diet since hard drive prices have sky rocketed.
  8. I have a python script for automagically downloading from rapidshare free. RS throttles free D/Ls to buggery though, so you have to be REALLY patient.
  9. Hi mate
    Do PM a link if possible. I have a link to but not a lot of seeders either. Hence why I was hoping someone who already has it might like to share. ;)
  10. I am with Tpg also. Care to elaborate on these warnings from them? I am sure I ought to get some too but I haven't seen anything from them.
  11. Do you recommend any providers specifically?
  12. We only ever got the letters for downloading Dexter. LOL
  13. whirlpool discussion about the warnings. i don't think they are a serious issue, but still..

    i'm with astraweb. they seem decent enough, good retention.

    also PM sent.
  14. if you are not so fussy and want to watch it live streamed try
    justin.tv or veetle.com, as they seem to show them in sequence, it's hit and miss when they are on but mostly on weekends.
    Been slowly trawliong the voyager series that way, mmmmmmm 7 of nine...........
  15. For anyone whose a star trek or star wars fan out there:
    Or a hater might like them too.

    In either case im a fan of both, but not the crappy TNG movies, or the star wars prequels which that guy loves to tear to bits in a way that appeals to me.
    Enjoy when you have the time - the reviews are each nearly as long as the movie they are about :p.