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Star Sports Grand Prix Live

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by SR071, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. Hi Guys and Gals!

    Well, I've finaly done it - shelled out for a satellite dish and receiver to watch Star Sports.

    For those that don't know, it's an Asian sports channel that goes to every home in Australasia and beyond. It's sorta like f*xtel with one huge difference - it's free to air! So you don't have to pay a cent to watch.

    Anyhow, the big attraction here was you can watch the F1 Grand Prix LIVE! I saw Alonso cross the line a bit after 7:30PM last night - didn't have to stay up till gawdawful AM. Oh, and there are very very few ads!

    You also get to see all the practice sessions live, and they replay them too - as well as the main race which gets replayed a few times as well.

    They also have Superbikes and a whole bunch of other rev head stuff.

    The web site is www.espnstar.com

    I got all the gear from a place in Melbourne, www.australiansatellitetv.com

    They have all the bits and pieces that you need to get watching. They were very helpful with this numbskull setting things up, though it's really just a matter of assemble, point and tune in.

    Allow one entire day to get things assembled and working. Patience is the key grasshoppers!

    Total cost was $500 plus a bit of stuffing around on the weekend. :D
  2. Does it work with any old satellite dish? Do they show MotoGP/WSB?
  3. G'day,

    You need a big dish, it's 2 metres or so diameter. It looks huge when you assemble it in the garage, but once you've stuck it on the roof it doesn't look too bad.

    Those little dishes that you see that are usually dark grey/black are too small and won't work.

    I know they show motogp, as I've seen it in the program guide - WSB - I wouldn't want to comment as I haven't personally seen it. I've seen an ad for them though.

    The program guide is at espnstar.com - down towards the bottom on the left hand menu.
  4. Seems a lot of money for just one channel or do you get others?
  5. All the channels are here


    Hundreds of them! :)

    If you get a positioner you can also get the dish to point to other satellites, then you've got access to thousands of channels.

    I've been told there are also lots of latest release movies you can get on these satellites, only problem is they have korean/japanese/malaysian/chinese subtitles. Haven't seen anything, but it's early days......
  6. Fantastic.
    I looked at getting AsaiSat3 about 12 months ago when I was building this house.
    I was quoted $1200-$1500 depending on which decoder I bought, including installation.

    Now I have all the RG6 in the roof and sitting behind the wall.

    At $485, the cost of the mast and a days work I reckon this might be a project for me in the coming weeks.

    SR071 what did the mast that attaches to your roof cost? You obviously had to remove a tile, did you just use some lead flashing?

  7. Hey Vic,

    What I did was mount it to the wall of my carport, as there is no eve. I used two brackets, they look like this:


    Basically, you bolt it to the wall, and the hole in the middle clamps the pole the photo is taken looking down, bird's eye view type thing. I used dyna bolts, but you could use nuts/bolts to clamp it to just about anything really.

    They had a few other mounts at the showroom, but they are for the smaller dishes. You have to have a heavy duty mount, because the dish bracket weighs heaps, at least 20kg. I had a bit of pipe laying around that did the trick as a pole. I guess you could easily pick up a bit of pipe from a scrap steel place and pay a few dollars for the scrap value.

    I know what you're talking about with the lead stuff, this was an option that I looked at, but it was just so much easier to mount it on the wall, then I didn't have to worry about leaky lead/smashed tiles (I always seem to crack tiles every time I get on the bloody roof!).

    You can get one of those lead tile replacements with the rubber thingy on it. They would work fine, you just have to cut away the rubber a bit more than you would for an antenna. The one I have for my TV antenna would be ideal if you needed to use this - just cut away more of the rubber.

    The guy I dealt with, Matt, he was very helpful with how to make it all happen, and showed me what I needed to do with the brackets etc. You could probably just give them a call or drop round and they'll show you how it's all done, as you're probably going to go about it diffferently to me I wouldn't want to mislead you.
  8. Cool bananas.

    Thanks for all that.

    I will mount it on the roof by bolting it to the rafters, use a roof tile replacement thingy and hey presto. No more putting up with stupid CH10 and their shitfull delayed coverage.
  9. Their website is a touch confuzzling.
    They broadcast in English?
  10. Yes they do. I watch the telecast when i'm in Thailand and its excellent.

    It comes out of Hong Kong and they do a great job.

    Speaking of Thailand, only 19 days to go :)
  11. We already had a satalite dish on the house when we moved in. Sounds like all I need is one of those boxes and some wire and I'll be laughing.

    The one with the built in HD recording sounds cool!
  12. Coincidentally - they just finished a replay of the GP, 10PM tonight... ;)

    I love it!!! As Vic said, no more putting up with 10!!! :)

    I too looked at the hard disk box, but the budget wouldn't stretch that far, but it will be an easy upgrade in future NovaCoder, as all the rest of the gear is there - and it looks like it's possible to daisy chain the boxes, so you can have one in the lounge and one in the bedroom!

    Which will come in handy for the bluekiss channel.....also on that satellite ;)
  13. Check with your local council as a 2 metre dish may require a permit BEFORE you install it.

    A lot of the sat' systems allow more than one decoder, you just need to ensure only one sends the power to the LNB (for the non techo's that means the decoder box sends power up the cable to the dish to power up the little amplifier that sits in the middle of it and you only need one box to power the amp).

    Of course you can do what I did and just feed the cable box, DVD & VCR output through a splitter to several rooms but it means you all watch the same cable channel at the same time.
  14. Speaking of F1, anyone have a copy of the Melbourne race on DVD that they can send me.
    It's too hard to follow when you are standing in pit lane. Nice problem to have and all but I missed the race.

  15. Yeah pvda - I saw that you only need power from one box, or you start providing too much boost!

    With respect to the permit, most councils say if you can't see the dish from the street, then no permit required, as it is under $10,000 of work.

    However, for stuff under $10k - you don't need to pay for a permit, you just need to lodge plans etc. to prove your dish won't block the sun to your neighbours only window or something.

    Then again, if nobody complains then it's not a problem. :)