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stanwell park area coffee stop?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by chriskerr, May 10, 2008.

  1. going for a quick run early morning to stanwell area, anyone know where to get a coffee at around 6:30am on a Sunday down that way?


  2. +1 good ride though!!!!
  3. :grin:

    backpack on then :LOL:
  4. pitty you going in the morning might go for a run down there in the arvo lawrence hargrave and the natio are a good run!!!!! If you interested in a riding partner on the same run another day give me a yell.........
  5. i could do an arvo run too :grin: morning run is just to follow a mate in his old honda s600 convertible as he has trade plates for the weekend.

    I'm not a fast runner (just getting used to going quicker through the 35km corners), mostly at the speed limit, but if your still keen send me a message, i have been doing it pretty much on a daily basis the last few weeks as I live in Oyster Bay and its a nice close easy ride for me. Would be happy to follow a faster rider to help build the confidence.

  6. i could do the run around 3.30 i you want wouldn't call myself a faster rider though would be fun. starkweid@hotmal.com if you want to organise.
  7. Did that Honda S600 end up at TFRPS later in the arvo? I'm sure I saw one there, accompanied by a red TR3..
  8. not today, no, it's not regod yet, hes just finished building it with a toyota 1.3l so needs a few test runs on the trade plates :grin: its not a quick car but really cool cruiser.