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Standup right provisional testing-learner issue

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Exonoesis, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. Im not sure how many riders out there do there provisional on a long wheelbase 500cc+ bike. but looking at the test below. i cant justify why the cones activity is "irrespective of engine capacity" where you see the U-turn alters a difference of 600mm. clearly stating that the cornering is alot harder.
    now i turned up to my course today quite confident and was able to do everything that was put in front of me, but when they set up the spacing of the condes with the 0.6m offset the 250's were going fine, i am on a yamaha Fz6r which is a reasonably long wheel base 600cc.i also weigh around 60kg.
    when i attempted the cones the first time i had only JUST made it without touching anything. And the U-Turn was done without hesitation. after the 250's went through and knocked the couple cones over they were moved back into position. attempted again i steering locked while going around each of these cones to discover my rear wheel was hitting the one i had just past on each individual one.

    My rant is that clearly the U-turn is marked wider for 500cc+ as it has a larger turning circle etc so that would be the reason why i am having so much trouble with this. i have spent the whole day practicing and had no problem getting everything right except that.

    What is your opinion? has many other people had trouble with this?
    http://www.stayupright.com.au/pdf/MOST_ACT.pdf- Page 5 of 7 this activity is located on.
  2. I practiced the ACT test for ages on my GS500 and it was very easy. When I got my GSR600 I found it difficult and now with my CBR929 it's impossible for me to do the cone weave.

    The bike makes a huge difference to how hard or easy it is to pass.
  3. I did the test on a heavy 650cc. You get more distance for the U-turn for over 600cc and I used every millimeter for it but made it. The cone weave went ok though.

    My test was on the same day that they offer a test run of the test so I went there in the morning and did that. Failed terribly. Went over to a car park that has the test marked out for an hour and did a bit of practice. Came back to do the real test later in the afternoon and had no problems.

    It can be done, but it's not easy. Did you do the squat the bike down by dragging the brake technique?
  4. Yes, i did, and i have no trouble with doing it. But when it comes to doing this technique its like taking a i30 around a round about compared to a bus. it should be at least SLIGHTLY compensated like was done with the U-turn. for example drewbytes may have a bigger bike now but he can still do a U-turn but in a larger radius.

    and dazza you would of been bloody proud of me for the effort i put in today. but i cant keep coughing up money for something as simple as this cone test.
  5. yeah for sure, the downside is i am actually borrowing the FZ6R because my GS500 got into a accident.
  6. You could do it on a hire 250?
    They aren't going to change the test just for you so, if you use your own bike, you will need to work out what will help. You might be turning too early. Try turning later and from a bit wider. And make sure you keep your head up.
  7. i went and did the full 7 hour course today specifically so they could teach me the right techniques and they wanted the full $200 + 160 for hire of the 250cc, after i "failed" this cone challenge i jumped on one of there 250's which the brakes dont work the same, and would need to spend a couple hours getting the "feel" of it.

    the way im currently looking at it, there is 5 cones i need to pass through, so thats 1 point each if i miss them. and today i hit 4/5 with my rear wheel and put my foot down after finishing them so i got 4 points + another 5 for putting foot down so = fail. (only reason i put foot down was to look behind and see what the instructor wanted to do. so i screwed myself in that one.

    so what i am suspecting to do next time is go through it and get whatever ones i can, if i get 2 of them thats only 3 i missed so 3 points, i need a total of 8 points to fail, and if i have no foot down i should pass.

    just a biatch how all this has ended up cant keep forking out money. the reason why i cant afford the 250 hire
  8. Just straighten out the course by missing the 4th cone. That gets you three points but you have a few to play with. Put your foot down in the u-turn (one more point) and you're done. This means you can focus your practice on embedding head-checks and good braking.

    ...points might be different in the ACT and I posted the same time as you
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  9. like your attitude . cheers mate.
  10. Sorry it turned in to a hassle for you but you did fine and the same thing has happened to many riders over the years. Don't be too hard on yourself.

    Based on having been on a ride with you I'm absolutely confident that you can do the cone weave just fine without any issues at all even on the max size bike. I'm happy to prove it to you by meeting up at EPIC one day where the course is marked out.

    Also, do you know Heidi yet? I'm not sure what's she's up to currently but she has generously given her time to help countless L's build up the skills required to get results. Catch up with her, you won't regret it.
  11. I think any LAMS bike should be able to pass it, the hardest IMO would be the cruisers especially the GV650. I did mine on the XVS650 and the spacing was the same for everyone no matter the bike type.

    I had a go at the course bike and that felt more like a bicycle compared to mine, it was that easy.

    It just takes allot of practice.
  12. It's no big deal with failing it but the money is for sure a hassle.
    I reckon you can clear them all with practice that results in more confidence and maybe some fine tuning in your approach. You might be just be so conscious of the cones you are messing with an approach that will clear them.
    There was a Youtube vid that showed how a wider and later turn can help but I can't locate it.
    If you're ok with hitting a few then just do it but remember that you might run into a glitch somewhere else on the test so the less points you can lose I reckon the better.
  13. ACT point system is different to other states, as are the dimensions.

    e.g. NSW head checks are a biggie... not in ACT.
    NSW also get more room between their cones than we do in ACT.

    Sorry to hear you didn't get through today though... and it is harder on a bike you aren't familiar with.

    Larger bikes and longer wheel bases can still get around the MOST.
    Whilst I wasn't on a cruiser, after practising and learning some of the techniques and tricks... I was able to get my W800 around the cone weave each time, and even the U Turn inside the inner line of the < 500cc bikes!

    Key to it all is practise and more practise. The instructors at Stay Upright are really good and quite open to sharing what they score and how. They run open mornings once a month out there, but also as I know you are aware, there are other local groups that assist with Learner Sessions and Practises :)

    Sorry to hear of your result - but next time will be a charm for you hopefully!
  14. i went out to EPIC today and had a practice was doing relatively okay

    i set up the cones to the NSW RTA spec which is 4m spacing with 0.6m offset compared to ACT 3.6m spacing with 0.6m offset. and il quite happily admit i did the 4m with ease.

    not to mention the NSW let them do a U-turn in 6.1m regardless of there size.
  15. I had difficulties with the u-turns at first and this is basically what I did.

    I set up the cones further apart than allowed and then brought them in a little at a time until I ended up being comfortable doing it with them a good half a metre narrower than the test width.

    Doing the same with the cone weave may help.
  16. Quit complaining exonoesis Practice makes perfect. All the effort you gave today practicing paid off. Well done good luck for your p's. You'll nail it
  17. Yea i found the cones pretty dam tight when i did my ACT MOST test a week ago and failed, but thats because i was way to stressed out and kept looking down, once i hit the first cone that was it, it was all over inside my head.

    For the ACT course i can confirm, they dont care how you ride, as long as you get around the course. Headchecks/ready position/indicating etc etc means nothing.

    Go and do the whole day course thing, and use one of their CB250's, should be easier and by the end of the day course you will be familiar with the bike.
  18. So what do you do when a guy on a VN 16000 does it ???
    It can be done on a sports bike too.
    Wheel base of course will affect a U turn. But their is ample room in the slalom for anything.
    On a 250 you can nail it because they are so easy. On a bigger bike line and competence plays a much bigger part.
    Sorry that sounded snappy. Not meant to be. The trainers are their to teach you. mmm. If you try and go under the radar you just miss out. but they don't miss you at examination.

  19. Did the whole day course last wednesday then failed on my FZ6R after hours of practice that day, and the reason i made this thread. I have spent the rest of the week practicing i have done over 100km in the small training ground at EPIC canberra where it is all mapped out. and can do it confidently now everytime, including U-turning my FZ6R within about 4.5m.

    As they say Practice makes perfect. and i its not the bikes fault its the rider not knowing how to ride it, and for the people who struggle with this in future, dont hire their bikes, spend some time practicing on your own. These skills are very handy to learn on your own bike. And saves you money!
  20. Bigger bikes are harder to slow maneuver, if you chose a bigger harder bike to learn on you still need to learn. It's not hard to pass that on an fz6 by any stretch of the imagination, you just need to learn how your bike needs to be ridden.

    A few weeks back my work mate failed the weave on his gs500 so I offered to take him to the industrial zone to help him.

    I set it up harder than the real test which is what I always do. He was struggling to make it, he'd just run out of room by the 3rd cone.

    I had a crack at it on my firestorm (220kg 1000cc). I tried the rule of thumb for a small bike, ride the rear brake and clutch. I found I struggled and couldn't really do it. It was possible but it was never going to be reliable on that style of bike. Next time I hit it with some speed, loosened right up and actually counter steered through it fairly aggressively and bingo. I told my mate to give it a try. He got it after 2 goes then continued to do it over and over. He did it 19/20 times on our harder course. He loved it and said he'd never felt so good on a bike. Passed the test with ease the next day.

    You need more commitment on these bikes, they countersteer beautifully but you have to be moving fast enough to initiate the turn.
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