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Standing up on the pegs to fart

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by AngryAnt, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Who does it?

  2. I do , god who doesnt?? lol
  3. yeah me too
  4. How else? Of course I do it.
  5. I should have known you two would be the first to respond. RESPECT
  6. i'd like to know if there is any other option?
  7. If you stay seated you can get good resonance and reverb off the vinyl seat. It's an option.
  8. The angles don't work for me unless I lean forward or stand up. If I lean forward the missus wants to know what I am doing. If I stand up she just thinks I am showing off.

    I also like to go for a short walk after a long ride before I meet people I want to impress.
  9. Ahahahaha...

    A better question would have been who doesn't?
  10. Err see my response lol
  11. You can roll to one side
  12. And when your riding in the rain while your soaked and fart it feels like your got the runs :-s
  13. I do it standing up...but if I go GP style into a corner with one arse cheek hanging off...it feels just as good and might give me a slight boost.
  14. How else can you share with your pillion?
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  15. Sharing is caring
  16. Nah, I only stand on the pegs when I want to poop!
  17. I only stand up when i post.
  18. Spewing whilst riding is pretty bad. Hate when you have a bad hangover and the strap of your helmet keeps making you dry heave.
    I went to pull a student over one day cause I was gunna spew. Got up beside him and couldn't help it. It just projectiled all over him when I flipped my visor and went to tell him to pull over. oooops lol
  19. lol thats farkin sick!!! lol funneee as tho lol
  20. I passed him :)