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Standing Up = Not Smart

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by OU818, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. I was riding through the Domain Tunnell this morning, the traffic flowing at a leisurely 70kmph, when I decided to 1) stretch my back and 2) see if there was any congestion up ahead. I stood up on my pegs and attempted to scout over the top of a truck when suddenly the cars in front hit the brakes and came to a stop. As I was still standing up I put too much weight on the rear brake and didn't have enough leverage to apply proper amounts to the front so I ended up locking up the back and fishing towards the car in front of me. Luckily I managed to control the back slide and leaned to the right, narrowly missing the car in front of me and splitting between the lanes.

    Pretty flaweless recovery but scared the absolute sh*t out of myself and probably the poor bas*ard in the ute next to me that I split past to recover.
  2. All time & place really.

    Try sitting down while competing in a MX race or observed trials.... not smart.
  3. Good point.
    I should have probably said "Standing up + E-Braking = Not Smart"
  4. Standing up works well over speed bumps :grin:
  5. :LOL: The exact same thing happened to me the other week in the Burnley tunnel except I wasnt standing on the pegs..a change of pants almost needed once I got home
  6. The same can be said of taking one hand off the handlebars, I've had a few incidents with that, most recently lifted my left hand to close my visor just as a pedestrian stepped out in front of me, luckily I missed but still, keep your hands on the bars!
  7. You can brake well hard standing up, just need to learn how to position yourself. Probably not as easy or as ideal as staying seated though, certainely probably harder to recover from a lock or manouver.
  8. love taking corners standing up, cars dont know wtf is going on. its great for vision of up ahead, just be sure to keep an eye on the car in front too, as you found out.

    stand up and unzip the top of jacket on a 40 degree stinker, once you get moving, the air flows in and its a cold rush, love it :grin:
  9. Keep in mind thats advice coming from the king of wrecking learner bikes. :p
  10. I only really stand to get a better look ahead.
  11. If standing up at over 200km/h, make sure to lean forward hard and keep the pegs weighted.
  12. I need to ask why would you even contemplate doing this let alone do it?
  13. Stretch of the legs on the Autobahn. Also, fun.
  14. Stand up wheelie. :twisted:

    Ok, I've just been watching motogp. My baby doesn't quite lift the front at 200. :LOL:
  15. Stand up wheelie. :twisted:

    Ok, I've just been watching motogp. My baby doesn't quite lift the front at 200. :LOL:
  16. Your 'prilla does 200? :eek:
  17. Yeah. I wouldn't mind a steering dampner though. It gets a bit dodgy hanging onto the fork leg with one hand whilst hiding behind the handle bars.
  18. That's pretty serious speed for a 'tard - have had mine to 178 indicated, but haven't taken the GPS on it yet. It does start to wiggle a bit at that speed.
  19. Is that a 525?