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standing up for the L-plater: thank you!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vonnegut, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. To the rider this morning at the Dudley/Peel Street roundabout in Melbourne this morning who went off at the driver who swiped the L-plater, I'm hoping you're on netrider so I can thank you since I didn't get a chance to this morning. Or, if anyone knows someone who takes that way in the mornings and rides a trail bike?

  2. Thats a good news story (apart from the L-plater being side swiped of course) - were you involved at all or just a witness...??? :grin:

    Nice to know that random strangers will stand up for other people - hope you find whoever it was to say thanks :grin:
  3. I was the L-plater :? Was just in a bit of shock and couldn't seem to think quickly enough to thank him before he rode away. So I'm just sending him all the good vibes/karma/etc. & co. I've got!
  4. Good to see someone looking out for our newbies. We gotta stick together against these cagers.
  5. Glad to hear you're ok...I was swiped by a car when I was a learner - he took rear tyre out from under me when he noticed at the last minute that everyone in front of him was braking...but he pi**ed off...

    I was helped by some random strangers who helped me pick my bike up and made sure I was ok, and I'm not sure that I managed to remember to thank them either... :oops:

    Its good to know that people will help you out when you're still learning - and glad to hear that you're ok to.... :grin:
  6. I actually had Geordylasses accident on a pushy a while ago. Good on the other rider btw.

    I shall just recount this accident becouse it shows the opposite situation
    We were in Collins st heading west over spencer. Stopped at the red light. A bunch of cyclists having coffee on the corner.

    Woman rolls up behind me. P plater in a festiva. I look up and have the green arrow. Look back and she has no indicators. Ah well. Doesnt matter.

    SHe starts tooting. I look back.. She has the damm indicator on now. I have a go. "Well you didnt have your fu$% @$% indicator on a second ago" Being a nice guy I start moving out of her way.

    She takes of and takes the back wheel out from under me. On a $5K bike. Not happy. Was very unimpressed. Had serious words. She offered me $100 to forget the whole thing.

    And you think we could get any witnesses from the cyclists there? Good on em. May good , better make that appropriote Kharma come their way :)
  7. Hi vonnegut

    Glad to hear yr still in one piece, although a bit shaken up i'd say. It really gives u a good feeling when someone stands up for ya...doesn't happen often enough out on the road :grin:

    And as for the drivers in the other stories... some people are unbelievable, honestly how hard is it to give riders / other drivers a little time and space? If everyone took 2 seconds to remember the road rules and to use their brains the roads would be that much safer :mad:
  8. this happened just this morning

    this happened to me this morning
    i was driving my gf to work...i came to a T intersection where this lady in a car was not signalling to either turn right or left. I assumed she was turning right as her car was not positioned near the curb to turn left. So i basically pulled up beside her to turn left. When it was safe to do so, i turned left and she turned left also. I looked in the rear view mirror it seemed like she was inches to hitting me and what do you know her son was sticking his finger up at me!? Now im pretty sure she was wanting to turn right, but it was a busy T intersection during peak hour so she opted to go left in the last minute.
    Makes me wonder why road rages happened, as i was really wanting to step out the car.
  9. Glad to see there are still some good people out there willing to help out strangers. I was very grateful for all the people who helped me out when I got hit by a car, one person even took there car seats off so I had something to rest my head on (I still have them haha) while we waited for the ambulance.
    Only wish I could have thanked them personally...
  10. Yeah good to see you got some help Vonnegut.
    Nothing worse than being in shock having no idea what just happened and the cager gets off scott free. Allows them to think they can get away with stuff. Good on the trail biker for taking the time out of his peak hour commute to stop and assist.

    Good karma to you mystery biker.
  11. Glad your ok Vonnegut, and glad someone was there to help. Another good karma to the samaritan.
  12. glad to hear your ok.. good to hear people will stick up for you when you can't
  13. Damn thats Bad!! Hope you haven't done and damage to you or your bike!!

    Yes and its good to see there are people who you don't know come up tp help you! In a situation like that!

    Did you get the idiots details who side swiped you!!??
  14. Didn't get his details, unfortunately, but all the damage done to me + my bike is a couple of scratches on the exhaust, which has a botched paint job I was going to fix anyway. So, there you go. No harm done, I guess. :) Thanks for the concern, all. I'm taking it as a lesson to not be forgotten.
  15. he he new exhaust can!! make sure this one don't have any paint that's likely to bubble :p
  16. *Ktulu would not have stopped to help*

    *Ktulu would have chased car down*

    *Ktulu would have brought back driver's details... or at least a side-mirror to cheer the L-plater up a bit, THEN helped pick the bike up*
  17. or..don't take it out for a 2+ hour ride on a blistering hot day immediately after :p
  18. Hahha! Still glad I didn't drop my bike, though. Has anyone else felt like there are an obscene number of broken side-mirrors on cars recently? I saw five of them the day of the accident. How many people have you helped this week, Ktulu?! :shock: :p
  19. glad ur ok vonnegut and yay for the mystery biker - well done.....
  20. I haven't actually had cause to do damage to any cages yet ^_^

    I dunno how you guys get yourselves in these situations - I can usually count the seconds I'm near any individual car on one gloved hand...