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Standards Australia

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by boz, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. I have recently been given a short (1 week) trial access to standards australia online database. given the expense of these documents, and knowing that there many standards which affect motorcyclists, I thought I would go through and try and retrieve as many relevant standards as possible. E.g. I have already retreived as 1698.

    Are there any others that people can think of that may be relevant or useful to have? (anyone recall the number or proper title for exhaust noice standards?)

    Interestingly - there is handbook available: HB 173-2000
    Motorcycle protective clothing - Guidelines for manufacturing . But since it is not officially a standard I can't download it.
  2. pm mouth , he knows which ones they are
    he is a sick man and reads them instead of playboy :LOL:
    he should be able to help you out boz
  3. You might want ot check out Australian Standard 1609 which concerns motorcycle helmet visors. Be interesting to see if there are any standards on the degree of tinting that is allowed.
  4. AS 2898.2-2003 : Radar speed detection - Operational procedures

    AS 2898.1-2003 : Radar speed detection - Functional requirements and definitions

    AS 4691.1-2003 : Laser-based speed detection devices - Definitions and device requirements

    AS 4691.2-2003 : Laser-based speed detection devices - Operational procedures

  5. How about something related to speedo accuracy requirements?
  6. That would be AS1349
    Might also be worth checking AS 3547 - the standard for handheld breathalyzers
  7. This file will self destruct in...

    You may want to print them out after you d/l them. The Adobe file corrupts itself after the trial period. FWIW
  8. An easy fix to that is just set the computer date back to before the time it expired (just tested it - I put my computer date forward a few weeks - open the document and it indicated the document expired. Returned date to today, and opens fine). There are also tools out there that allow you to edit security settings on pdf documents...

    Alternatively (and I just discovered this works) it is possible to open the pdf, and re-print it 'as pdf' without any security additions.
  9. as1349: Bourdon tube pressure and vacuum gauges ??
  10. Just incase you haven't realised. Standards in PDF Form only exist for a set time then turn all blank. So to keep a copy you have to print them and then scan them in... using a OCR program would be best but formatting is a biatch. The best function in the pdf is being able to search them as anyone like myself who has to deal with them everyday, reading hard copies is not fun. But then again I have full acsess for the entire year so maybe I can lend a hand if u need them later, for 'work related' purposes only ofcourse...
  11. I am aware of the security. As I said above - it is possible to just reprint them to pdf again (or another form) and it loses all security (can't use adobe for this as it won't let you re-distill a secure document, so I am using win2pdf). Alternatively, it is possible to just reset the date on your computer to pre-expiry date and you can read it fine.
  12. Well well well, Boz's trick works. What a ripper :)

    I use AS online daily for work... and have contributed to the chopping down of trees with the hardcopy printouts of all the regular standards I use... thankyou Boz.

    What Praz said...


  13. If someone could email me a copy of AS1698 I would greatly appreciate it. Someone I know got pinged by a copper for breaching the standard, no sticker visible on the outside, took the helemt off to show label sewn intoi the liner but that wasn't deemed good enough by this copper so it's going to court.
  14. mick; what? he just got pulled over randomly or what?
  15. I've continued the discussion of AS1698 in a thread dedicated to 1698 - see here.
  16. Perhaps some standards on indicagtors, tail lights and head lights... just something for us wirdows who like to customise our bikes...