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Standard Unleaded or Premium???

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by camocarzy, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. I have recently purchased a second hand FZ1N. When it came time to fill the tank and a I read through the operators manual it constantly mentioned unleaded fuel and made reference to 91 octane or higher. Does this mean that its ok to run premium fuels? Will a premium fuel result in higher engine temperatures?

  2. 91 will be a minimum. I run a mix of both. 91/95 for commuting 98 on tour although there doesnt seem to be any difference.
    I use BP or Mobil when available.
  3. Nice bike. Use 95 or better, as some standards are labelled 91 but drop their performance to 89 or less after a few days of sitting in your petrol tank.
  4. Premium but not the super dooper premium... And steer clear of Shell.
  5. Loz, I agree with the advice re shell, but bp ultimate and mobil 8000 are good fuels. Caltex premium is mobil too.
  6. We have an independent here selling 98 E10.
    I haven't been game enough to try it although the price is good.
  7. I think the jury is still out on that mix :wink:
    I had to use it once in the storm due to it being the only stuff available at the time. Bloody 150k range :rofl:

    Didn't notice any difference in performance, But it's the possible damage to to the internal rubber parts, as discussed on NR quiet a bit. That had me topping up with 'ultimate' asap. :wink:

    ( wow I think that even made sense :LOL: )
  8. The thing I'm surprised about in ANOTHER petrol thread, is someone admitting they got a bike and read the owners manual before the first refill!


    Ok, here's an opinion contrary to the popular belief about Shell fuels...

    The old Optimax Shell fuel had some hit and miss on bikes - mine didn't mind it though... but Vpower is a different improved blend which hasn't attracted the same volume of detractors - infact, I don't think I've heard one example of a bike gumming up under Vpower. Vpower is a bit denser than the other Premiums but my 9R absolutely loves the stuff. Never had a problem and the plugs are mostly a healthy colour (I'd use Vpower 90% of the time... the nearest servo is a shell). When Vpower first came out the difference was noticable compared to the other premium fuels, however these days, I think they've all caught up and I barely notice a difference between Ultimate, Vpower, Vortex etc. ...well not on my carbied bike. Can't speak for FI.

    On the topic of RON:

    In a nutshell, a bike engine is designed for a minimum RON. You can run a higher RON fuel, but generally speaking you wont get the benefit of the RON in terms of power and range. You wont hurt the bike though. There's a good chance your bike will run a bit richer, which should mean your engine runs a bit cooler. Unless your bike is already running rich, using a premium fuel shouldn't result in the plugs fouling.

    One benefit of throwing in a tank of the premium stuff from time to time is that the detergents and additives may help keep gums from building up.

    Surely we've exhausted every possible variation questions on the current crop of fuels now??? I wonder?
  9. Plus One with Rob.

    If it says "91RON or higher" then run standard ULP. That is what it's designed for.

    As for Shell, it's a pity when people claim that this fuel or that fuel are to be avoided that there is no scientific data to back this up. Anecdotal evidence doesn't fly, unfortunately.
  10. Nothing but BP ultimate ever sees the insides of the petrol tanks of any of my motor vehicles.
    Most Jap based cars/bikes will perform better on high RON petrol as Japans fuel quality is generally higher and their vehicles are designed to use it. Their regular unleaded is 98 RON from memory and they can buy 100 RON.
  11. It's a bit mean for the old timers telling people to use the search function all the time, but Jesus H begucking Christ! Not another petrol thread!

    Now that that is off my chest.

    It will run on 91. Some bikes have a noticeable difference on 95 (they must be on the borderline with regards to compression ratio and timing). Some notice negative effects on some 98s. The most complained about 98 is the Shell.

    My current bike falls into the above exactly. Past bikes were fine on 91.

    The biggest difference with 98s is that your arse will grow extra hair.
  12. I agree but the OP specifically asked which one for the FZ1.
    I dont know if we have specifically answered either :LOL:
  13. I've taken a couple of things out of this post:-
    1. Its fine for me to fill my tank with BP premium
    2. Loz doesnt work in the marketing department for Shell Helix,
    3. I should try out the search function &
    4. A "Petrol Thread" is not an affectionate compliment...

    Thanks for the feedback guys!
  14. LMAO. yep, that about summarises it... except for one thing - Helix is a Shell branded oil - dunno if Loz has a bone against the oil... but I hear he does enjoy being well lubed.... :LOL:
  15. It wouldn't matter what RON japanese fuel is, because RON is the same the world over.

    If a japanese bike says 91 RON is OK, then aussie 91 RON will be...yup, you guessed it, OK!


    Trevor G
  16. who the fcuk is ron? i have never met him at any of the refineries that i have been to :?

  17. ^^^ He is the bloke at the security gate with the plumbers bum, beer gut, and man boobs he uses as pillows whilst he relaxes in his work chair :)
  18. Having recently finished quite a bit of research on the use of ethanol as a transport fuel, I doubt 150km range has anything to do with an E10 blend. I don't have the actual values at hand, but the LHV of ethanol is about 25, while petroleum is, at best, less than 45. At worst, your range would fall by 6-7 per cent.
  19. you will find that he was referring to the general fuel range of bike, regardless of petrol type. it was not a comment about the loss of economy caused by the E10.
    they arent called a VTR1000 F Fuelstorm for nothing ;) :p
  20. Yes it was my understanding that bob was talking about riding for 150k and then wheeling it the other 50+k to catch up with the others on sports bikes at the next servo :LOL: