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Standard Afternoon in Minno

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Ljiljan, May 3, 2012.

  1. Mops, bats and chainsaw: neighbourhood row turns ugly
    Nick Ralston

    Clan war ... Minto resident Nicole Thornton. Photo: Kate Geraghty
    WHEN she gets home from work, Wendy Halls likes to pump top-40 tunes through the stereo in the backyard of her south-western Sydney home. It has recently attracted the ire of her next door neighbours, the Jorgensens.

    On Tuesday, as her speakers blared for the third straight night, tempers flared on Fenton Close in Minto.

    The Jorgensen family had had enough and made it clear they wanted the music turned down. A short time later, the Halls clan claim a member of the Jorgensen family drove their car in an erratic fashion towards them.

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    Defended his castle ... Troy Thornton in hospital after losing a finger.
    A heated verbal stoush began on the redbrick driveway that divides the homes of the two warring families. Police were called and both families were told to go back inside and cool down.

    But when two members of the Halls family went outside again just after 9pm, they say to buy milk, things quickly escalated out of control. Both families tell conflicting stories of what occurred.

    Ms Halls's daughter, Nicole Thornton, 28, claims members of the Jorgensen household tried to invade her family's home.

    Attacked ... Mark Jorgensen. Photo: Facebook
    ''One girl was poking at our door with a mop, I've basically barged the door open and run after her,'' she said. ''I said to her: 'My kids are inside, not in my house, I've offered [to fight] you out on the road.' Basically we ended up all in a brawl with the guys from next door. By then there was 20 of them with bats, swords and poles.

    ''It was me, my mum and my sister taking on guys, so my brother has gone and got the chainsaw.''

    Mark Jorgensen, 29, had his right arm almost completely removed by a chainsaw carried by Ms Halls's son, Troy Thornton. Mr Thornton had his ring finger chopped off by the sword.

    The Jorgensens claim that Mark had only gone next door to try and resolve the fight between the two families.

    It was, as the Police Commissioner, Andrew Scipione, described it yesterday ''almost like movie-style violence''.

    Neither man has been interviewed by police as they underwent extensive surgery yesterday at Liverpool Hospital. Mr Jorgensen, a motor mechanic, had his arm reattached. Mr Thornton lost his finger.

    ''Troy's finger is not getting sewn back on, he's lost his finger, so sucked in to the bloke whose arm got chopped,'' said Ms Thornton, who claimed she was also cut by the chainsaw during the altercation.

    A father of two, Mr Thornton lives in Queensland but had been staying in Sydney to support his sister, Nicole, after her partner drowned in a boating accident. Peter Reinhardt died when his boat overturned on the Nepean River in March. As Ms Thornton kept a waterside vigil with her newborn baby, the couple's Londonderry home was robbed. Thieves took jewellery, cash and a gun. Ms Halls said it had been a traumatic couple of months for her family.

    Despite the violence neither family plans to move from the Fenton Close address.

    And yesterday the music was still blasting from the Halls's backyard.

  2. I think I'd grab my chainsaw too if there were guys standing outside my house with swords and bats O_O
  3. swords and chainsaws at 20 paces

    makes the middle ages look tame :LOL:
  4. One word, ferals.
  5. Ahhh Feral Gen Y'ers doing what they do best, following the US movie and music industry's brainwashing to increased violence.

    The more I see and hear, the more I think it might almost be time to head to the hills and disappear from this growing madness.
  6. Thunderdome is soooooo 1980s retro :D.
  7. Yes, that's where it started. :-s
  8. Violent inter-family or inter-village feuds have a far, far longer history than either Hollywood or any music industry involving anything more sophisticated than hitting a stretched animal skin with a stick.

    Society has made efforts to formalise them, as a passing glance at the early history of the various forms of football will attest, but when it comes right down to it it's pretty much impossible to eradicate the phenomenon of tribal type violence.
  9. Over the last 30 years I've observed the lowering standards that have become acceptable due to the increased violence displayed/supported in media .. mostly from the USA. All kids born in that timeframe are Gen Y, and it is within this group we find violence being far more acceptable as a means to deal with all and any issue.

    They have been desensitised to violence, exactly as people back then said they would be. And sure there are exceptions to this amongst Gen Y, but I see them as the minority these days.

    Sure fueds have been around for a long time, but the use of this type of violence was once very rare in Australia. Perhaps some of what we see today is because of the larger population and so we could expect more idiots doing this type of thing. But the long term agenda of desensitisation has done it's job very well I think.
  10. Drunks, deadbeats, guns......welcome to SW Sydney! Bring your sword and chainsaw with you.
  11. I think you mean 'poor white trash'
    To the best of my knowledge, 'Ferals' were Vegan hippies that smoked drugs, lived in Nimbin in trees in a communal lifestyle and exist on unemployment benefits... And they're typically non-violent.
  12. This really says it all.
  13. MrsB has (or had, they're probably dead now) a pair of uncles who regularly spent otherwise dull afternoons firing 12-bores at each other across several intervening back gardens. In the large extended family I was daft enough to marry into this was not regarded as being particularly unusual behaviour. If anything, in that particular case, the current generation is rather less inclined to almost cartoon levels of violence than their forebears. So maybe I've been desensitised, although not by the entertainment industry.
  14. Are you a Hatfield or McCoy?
  15. Thanks. Maybe the situation you entered is more the exception than the rule for neighbourhood fueds?

  16. These are adults having a feud.. what kind of shit are you talking about? the music isn't brainwashing anyone ... where the hell did you come up with that far fetched idea?
    I remember the thread where you thought the government was using fluoride to control our minds.. and now you're saying the music industry is brainwashing us to increase violence?
    what the f'uck kind of drugs are you on? or are you a senile old person.... who hasn't got a clue?

    i don't go out with a chainsaw hacking peoples arms off because music told me to? i don't join the army because katy perry did a music video telling me to? this was clearly a neighborhood feud with ADULTS,

    I listen to music from all eras.. including today's and I've not once thought to myself, i better go buy a chainsaw and fight with my neighbors.
  17. Neither. I'm the sensible outsider who fucked off halfway round the world immediately after the wedding so he wouldn't have to participate in family politics :D.
  18. When I was your age we had baby boomers saying the same thing about us too. Seems high-brow attitude gets handed down from generation to generation :)
    I don't think it has anything to do with popular culture at all, but deeper, ingrained, generational socio-economic issues.

    I was putting air in my tyres at a service station the other day and a young PWT couple (whos sh!tbox bombadore had broken down) were at each other's throat at the top of their voices and their language would have made a warfies toes curl. I felt quite embarrassed for them & it was quite intimidating - I knew a glance in the wrong direction would land me in trouble.
  19. Gen Y is more than just youth, these ages quoted in the story are under 30 years old.. Gen Y'ers.

    Love the full on attack mate, well done. You a Gen Y too?
  20. Re brainwashing.. or Indoctrination.. has come through media in all forms. The desensitisation to violence, sexual content, foul language, in film, music and games has had an effect over the past 30 years. I find that most who have been born within that group cannot see what I see, which doesn't surprise me at all as they have grown up within the agenda.

    I've only observed the changes in our country for those 30 or so years. No wonder my perception is a little different to their's.